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  • Brew scale stand

    For those who like numbers and find scales a help in chasing good espresso.

    I find scales are a great help in dialling in my grinder and playing with extraction but I was sick of trying to dry them off after the relief valve flooded everything at the end of a shot. I then learnt about a nifty gadget that allows you to sit the scales BELOW the tray and supports the cup/s ABOVE the tray. But as it was more than a hundred dollars I thought I would see what I could do myself. Photos are of a prototype but if I am lazy it might last some time before I go for an improved Mk II.

    All works extremely well. Only change might be to make the cup platform a bit deeper as the cups only just reach the PF outlets. You also have to be sure nothing is fouling during a shot so as to not interfere with the measurement.
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    that's actually quite brilliant
    I too have a giotto and a set of scales


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      I'm assuming the thing you found is the ONA Stem?


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        Brilliant!! ONA obviously were real quick at copying your design. I like it.


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          Yep Ona Stand. Wasn't sure about listing product names.


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            Thanks for the inspiration Meggs. I have the same Brewista scales and have been thinking of making something up for my Appia II machine.


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              A folded bit of stainless would be nice..

              Back to the laser cut guy!


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                Brewista Scale stand Mk II

                Finally got around to making an improved stand for my Brewsita scales. Looks much better than previous prototype. Has even earnt me "brownie" points for improving the kitchen decor.

                NB If you make a stand spend a LOT of time getting suitable measurements. You need enough space to allow scale to react and stand needs to clear base of espresso machine and enough space to get cups under portafilter.
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                  Nice job Meggs...



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                    Nice idea! Something I might try with my 3D printer