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Portafilter Head to take a 19-22g VST Basket

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  • Portafilter Head to take a 19-22g VST Basket

    Just got a VST 19-22g basket which has dialed in nicely, however with the ECM portafilters it sits 2mm above the top of the portafilter and therefore the portafilter doesnt lock in past about 60 degrees.

    I'd like to get a portafilter head to screw onto the ECM handle that will take a 19-22g VST basket.

    Any recommendations as to quality stainless heads that will take the VST basket? I'm not after a naked pf


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    Just search for a Deep PF Handle.
    Be careful expecting to easily remove your 'handle' section from the cast metallic 'basket' section.
    As with alk of these there are numerous editions with a miriad of difering dimensions / sizes of thru bolts yada yada etc etc.
    In other words some or even many dont cross fit.
    Coffee parts would be where I'd start.
    And I'd be checking whether the Wega / Expobar equipment does fit an ECM.
    They do on a Rocket.
    Check with the Importer.



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      Thanks GL, great advice, I had seen the one device, many bolts issue before. I guess so long as the handle isnt stupidly different from the ECM I'll be happy.
      I've seen Alternative Brewing have the Expobar Deep PF Handle, without a spout.
      As you suggest I'll start with Coffee Parts and go from there
      Appreciate your advice



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        I have a few spares at home that are damn deep. Pretty sure they would take a 22g vst. Im in Perth..


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          Cheers, are you working away at the moment or in Perth?


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            Pm you mate