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Prophylactic descaling of boiler: could I do it or specialist dealer should?

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  • Prophylactic descaling of boiler: could I do it or specialist dealer should?

    I've been using my ECM classika PID every day for 6 months making 2-3 cups of espresso per day. Following the user manual and jetblackespresso recommendations, I did clear water backflush with blind filter every week and chemical backflush every month. These backflushes only clean brew group E-61 with shower screen, as I understood, but not the boiler with pipes. Now time is coming to descale boiler in my ECM.

    Interesting fact is that in original user manual for ECM classica PID that came with the machine (chapter 7: "Cleaning and Maintenance") instruction "7.3. Prophylactic descaling" is not present at all, but in downloaded from ECM website user manual it is present with detailed description of how to fill boiler with descaler solution and clean. But below instructions in "IMPORTANT" part instruction underlined that:" These descaling instructions are only meant for a prophylactic descaling. Please do not descale the machine if it is already calcified".

    First point is that I do not know is my boiler already calcified or not. I tested my water and it is soft and nice (my tea boiler never had calcification on walls).
    Second point is that I always did prophylactic descaling once a year in my previous espresso machines (not professional) and did not have any problems with calcification.

    Please, advise if somebody have experience with regular prophylactic descaling of E-61 single boiler espresso machine. May be professionals from jetblackespresso who sold this great machine could share their experience in this issue. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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    The danger with trying to decalcify a...calcified boiler, pipes and groups is that free-floating bits of scale are going to end up clogging orifices.

    If you remove the mushroom from your group by unscrewing the large nut on top, the amount of scale in there will probably be a telltale of what the boiler will be like.


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      I think my issue is more about 12 months warranty provided by jetblackespresso. If I will wait 12 months without prophylactic descaling, I may end up with some calcification inside boiler and will be in the position to pay for the descaling service plus delivery cost from Shepparton to Sydney (that is expensive). I am not sure that we have any accredited service provider for ECM in Shepparton. I used to descale the boiler by myself in all my previous espresso machines and never had any problems with calcification. I am using boiled water (cooled) in my ECM water tank and Shepparton tab water is known for soft properties. We never had calcification in our tea cattle. Only this ECM expensive espresso machine made me think twice about prophylactic descaling during warranty. On the other hand, if I will do 4-6 months prophylactic descaling by myself my machine will live longer and be cleaner (as my previous ones).


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        Why do you boil the water?


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          ilichev, are you distilling the water or boiling it? Distilling water is boiling it, then collecting the steam to liquify and use. This resulting water has no minerals, salts, etc and is probably ok for your boiler (though not sure on taste). Boiling the water and allowing to cool in the kettle is actually removing water and concentrating minerals and salts in the water which is left.