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Clip on cool touch handle for VBM hot water wand?

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  • Clip on cool touch handle for VBM hot water wand?

    I make quite a few long blacks and so the hot water wand gets a work out. But with how close it is to the brew lever there are a few burned knuckles along the way. I printed a simple clip from ABS but the heat makes it too pliable and it keeps popping off.

    Is there anything else available that can clip over it for easy manipulation/manoeuvring?

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    Silicone hose maybe?

    I expect if you can easily remove the "head" of the water wand you could get a piece of silicone hose from an auto parts store that would slip over the wand. Most silicone hoses have a fairly high heat rating, won't smell like rubber and would be food safe.


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      What about one to match the steam arm?


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        Yeah, the CP ones are Ok but if as the OP does, you use it a lot, your fingers will definitely smell like stinky rubber in a fairly short time...
        +1 for the Silicone Rubber Tubing.