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Molykote 55 vs 111

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  • Molykote 55 vs 111

    I've picked up a near-free 100g tube of Molykote 55, thinking I could use it in the future for my ECM Classica, when the time comes (as well as a Fluval Aquarium filter o-ring).

    Despite reading the data sheets etc. I'm not quite sure whether I should go and get a tube of Molykote 111 instead?

    It seems that Moly 111 is better suited, but given the application, is Moly 55 really going to be harmful in some way? I have noticed that both products are available from coffee equipment suppliers - including some site sponsors.

    Moly 55 - 175C temp, Silicone oil, Ester, Lithium Soap
    Moly 111 - 200C temp, Inorganic thickener, Meets several global standards forwater contact

    LG (Learner Guy)

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    Since the lube will come in contact with water, I would go with Molykote 111 to be safe.

    1) 111 is NSF 51/61 certified for incidental contact with drinking water. It's odorless and proven to work well for seals.
    2) 55 is not and contains lithium soap (doesn't sound delicious does it? ) Ester is also slightly water soluble, so it may taint the water.
    3) 55 can cause some O-ring material to swell according to their MSDS. I would be wary about this.

    For external o-rings/seals the 55 might work ok for lubrication purpose. But it's probably not the right lube in our application (assuming you will be using it to lube the cam mechanism in the ECM).


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      A quick read through the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for Molykote 55 might answer your questions as to whether to use it or not.

      Molykote 111 is widely used as a lubricant inside the E61 Grouphead and the much safer option.


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        Got it. Thanks.