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Water softener (salt regenerated) wanted

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  • Water softener (salt regenerated) wanted

    Hi all,
    My existing water softener has sprung a slow and steady leak which has been located as a pinhole defect in the metal. I bought it 2nd hand over 10 years ago and it has worked well....until this morning.

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement?
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    Why not fix it? A metal shop can weld it, or you can get some JB Weld epixy or some knead-it epoxy and do it yourself.


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      Hi Robusto,
      Thanks for that.

      I have an artisan welder living 1km from me...and I feel confident that he could repair it...he's just so busy.

      A bit of me wonders if it would be like repairing an old sock. I wonder how many other pinholes are in the making.

      If I can get an idea of a new (or newer) replacement, it will help me make a decision.


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        Yes, where there is one pin-hole, there will be others waiting to come through....
        Definitely not worthwhile to repair.

        If you get a replacement, it would definitely also be very worthwhile to install an upstream activated carbon filter to remove all traces of chlorine although I'm unsure of the amount of chlorine compounds that may be generated within the water softener itself - I'm not a chemist unfortunately...



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          Thanks, Mal.

          My thoughts exactly.

          A new replacement seems to be made only in Italy and sold in UK, US etc...just not in good old Oz.

          Will keep looking.


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            Are you looking to buy a unit from a user or just looking for info on where to find a dealer selling them? If the former you'll need to post a price willing to pay. If the latter I'll move the thread to the appropriate area.

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              Hi Javaphile.

              I would like to buy a new one and would like to find a dealer (hopefully in Australia) who sells them.


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                Have you tried contacting the Site Sponsors via the Quote Form (Link is at the top and bottom of every page.) and asking them your question? Odds are at least one of them can either supply the softener or tell you where you can go for it.

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                  Thanks. I have just done that.