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  • porta filter leveler

    what is the best leveler that is easy to adjust the height? I see some are very pricey like over $150 and have also seen some that are very reasonably priced like $30. Are the more expensive ones worth it

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    I have used the OCD V1 & V2, currently use the V2 and love it, it is a key part of my coffee routine. From what I understand the V3 is pretty much the same as the V2 but with a better anti-static coating. The V2 has a nice method of adjusting the leveling height via an inner thread. I think the OCD is RRP $199 roughly.

    Haven't used it but there is also a Pullman Chisel which usually gets a good wrap here.

    I have also used the Lelit distribution tool which I didn't really like the feel, it's RRP is roughly $99 I think.

    Then there are the FleaBay imitations starting at about $25 which may work just as well given they are probably direct copies of the above or other successful big brand distribution tools.

    Just depends what you want to invest but I like using something which is designed and engineered every day. Which is the same kind of reason people get nice tampers like Pullman and other boutique brands. Look, feel and quality and something someone invested time and money to design and test can be worth it when you use it thousands of times over your coffee journey.


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      I found back when I was using a Breville BCG820 that a cheap knockoff one helped my shots be more consistent, largely by lifting the worst end of the spectrum higher rather than raising the top end. Once I switched to better grinders I used it for a while but tried without it and got identical results so haven't used it since. Not 100% sure whether it was grind quality or barista quality to blame there.

      What I found interesting about the OCD is that ONA don't use it in their cafes. Not long after the V2 came out I visited their Fishwyck (OG) cafe with the intent of buying one. I was surprised they weren't being used by the staff and there weren't any even for sale. I overheard the head barista training a new barista and hearts something like "in a rush you won't have time to weigh every shot, or even any shots. While it's quiet learn what 20g looks like so you don't have to weigh it." Absolutely no complaints about the coffees we were served, all great. So I returned to Sydney and carried on using my hands.

      FWIW the Barista Hustle method of side tapping is excellent in my experience, no tools needed.


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        I have used the side tapping method for a lot of years on all of my machines I've had and have found it burrs the lugs on the porta filter if you tap them all the time. that's why I thought I should get a leveler to try. I also like the idea of using well made and designed gear so I will get the OCD V2 and give it a go


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          You side-tap the Group Handle against the base of your other hand, not against metal, wood, etc...