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    Our house has had a water cooler with replaceable filters for years. ( it improved our hydration levels due to not having to constantly fill up the water jug.)

    We use an awesome water filter

    I am curious if those filters would reduce scaling potential for an espresso machine's boiler.- the documentation is rather scant, but i think they don't really change calcium levels. Any input welcomed.

    I do have a plan B, involving something like an under bench install of a brita c150 finest or quell, but thought i would ask the question first. Cheers Darryl
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    You would have to check with them. They talk about adding minerals to the water in 2 different stages, and at least one of them is adding calcium to the water. Whether they have first removed all scale minerals and whether they are adding the right amount back needs a much more specific answer than that link provides.


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      thanks ninja and mal, i will try and get a spec sheet off them. i also find it disappointing when motor oil manufacturers dont quantify something like ZDDP content. cheers Darryl


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        The company in question did respond to my enquiry ( which was nice of them) Very politely they said they couldn't provide specs for calcium etc and suggested i pursue a coffee purposed filter. So question answered.
        I am now have the dilemma of getting a small rainwater tank or to get a brita C150 finest system, unless some others have known good suggestions. I am on Sunshine Coast Qld, tap water quality is good with Av 62 mg/l TDS - so reasonable for preventing scale build up.


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          Best advice I can offer is to contact Bombora/Fridge Filters Australia and request assistance directly from them.
          They will probably offer to test your mains water 'free of charge' to be certain of the exact make-up of the water delivered to your household, so that they can recommend the most suitable filter system to suit your situation.

          Worth doing in my opinion and they are good people to go with it...



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            Hi, what machine will you be using the filtered water with?


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              Sorry for the late reply, lost in my own little world of late. Thanks Mal, i visited that site and will give them a buzz and discuss.

              TekcoR, i am a month or two off upgrading, and have been eyeing off Dual boilers. Right now i am just waiting for the crem one 2b rlfpp to hit the shelves in Australia- to consider it alongside a Profitec Pro 700 / ECM Synkronica - or a Izzy Duo.

              I haven't had a chance to test drive any of these as yet , so interested in feeling the difference between valves and knobs, milk texturing power and different profiling mechanisms.

              Getting back to water quality. My current 8 year old Breville DB - has had one descale and uses dechlorinated tap water- but i have lived in very good water quality areas.

              cheers Darryl


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                Had a quick look at that machine, pretty neat! $$

                Plumbing in? I suggest BWT Bestmax Premium. Designed for coffee.

                Watertank? I suggest BWT jug with their filter cartridge also designed for tea and coffee (I use this. Hard to find in Australia but I bought it from a site sponsor that stocks it and it fits an older Brita water tank that I keep in the fridge so I didn't have to get the BWT jug, but it would be a cheap one off). They even confirm "calcium, extraneous particles and chlorine are filtered out." unlike Brita which avoids mentioning anything about calcium.

                I don't know about Awesome filters, but I wouldn't chance it.

                BWT is apparently Europe's best water filtration company. Medical, biotech, hospitals to home use.


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                  Interesting, I just had a look at the jug cartridges and I’m wondering if they remove the scale to an enough for espresso machines, I can’t find info on the difference between the premium inline filters and the magnesium jug ones. I’ve just got a new machine so I’d like to keep it beautiful

                  Any ideas?

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                Tekco, thanks for the BWT info, i will look into them also. Anewbie i have heard/seen good feedback about the correct coffee filter system from Brita C Finest150 and BWT (now that i have lbeen pointed at them) . I also know 3M do some specialty coffee filters. But I am going to ring up and get advice from Bombora Water or similar before jumping in. If in doubt about what you need get your water tested first. Cheers


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                  I ended up getting the bwt jug ones from jetblack espresso, I figured they prob wouldn’t sell them if they were no good. Fingers crossed. It’s a bit hard to find much info on them.

                  Initially I had thought to leave the water out overnight for the chlorine to dissipate like I did with water for fish, but that won’t get rid of the calcium etc causing scale so I may as well filter. I’m rescaling my kettle every week as I can see it all building up, (downside to glass kettles) I can’t plumb in anything with my kitchen at the moment, I think the minister of finance would have a few words to say if he knew the total cost of my coffee adventures to date and the fact the machine is sitting in the box cos I don’t want to use it until I get nice water for it 😂

                  Be interested to see what you get

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                I went for BWT based on their reputation and advice from multiple stores. I couldn't trust Brita based on what I've seen.

                I keep my water in the fridge. The mushroom area of my machine has very little scale after a few years use. Maybe I could check a probe from the boiler to see what's in there, though I imagine it would be a similar story.