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Replace stock basket or change to bottomless PF?

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    Originally posted by squibcakes View Post
    Hi TampIt,

    Thanks for your thoughts. Sounds like there is a basket for every occasion.. ;-) Are the ECM baskets made by Pesado?

    I've picked up the 18 gram (vst) basket. Comparing the holes under magnifier between the stock ecm and vst I couldn't see much difference. Most noted difference as you are aware, is the non tapered vst basket and more holes to the outer edge.

    Straight off the bat, the grind was way to coarse and shot pulled very quick. I've ground finer with the Niche, and finding I can slow the shot down, but seeing channeling (like two main mouse tails) occasional gushers in the process. The crema is now really thick and syrupy but I just can't find to get a nice pour from the naked filter like I did with the stock basket. This is a lot harder than I thought and it seems the vst has a very narrow GW compared to stock.

    Any tips to speed things up... lighter tamp and grind finer. Grind more, tamp harder etc? I'm trying not to get too many scars in the process....

    G'day squibcakes

    "Any tips to speed things up... lighter tamp and grind finer.": Yep - good start, good thinking. I also tend to do at least one preliminary tamp of circa 2mm of "coffee fluff" - if I get that tamp level I do not get channeling.

    FWIW, I used to do all sorts of arcane distribution techniques (Weiss, Staub, nutating etc.) - when I went back to what I call "progressive tamping" all need for that faffing around vanished. That means I can concentrate on the actual balance of the shot once I sort out the grind texture.

    Have fun



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      I must admit I had to google those tamp methods as I had never heard of them but realise that I had been trying the wdt method with not a lot of luck.

      Ive had some good results now with the vst. The shots are pouring evenly now with no major channeling issues I had at first. What is working for me is that I have set the level of my rotating distribution tool a lot lower. So now I slowly rotate it down to compress and distribute the puck throughout about 4 turns. I don’t need to use the hand tamp to compress but have used it to clean the inside rim of the basket. For me this is at least giving me great consistency in the pour and taste. The puck is a little soggy than before, comes out mostly as a cake in the knock box but wet, I think that is because my dose is a little lower.

      Still learning as I go and appreciate the advice from fellow snobs.