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  • VST single basket

    Afternoon All

    I have read a lot of the single dosing talk that is on here but I still have a want to use a single dose basket in my set up . I am totally against pulling a double to then discard half the shot . Wastage is not cool especially when it deters to good coffee.

    I would like some help to locate a 7 g VST basket in AUSTRALIA to buy ?Anyone know where or who as I have contacted some suppliers with no luck and cannot find them online as yet . I have also read that the single VST basket requires a smaller then 59.5 mm tamper to use ? Is this correct ?

    If for some reason I cannot buy the VST basket what are people opinions or method on using the VST 15 g basket ? Can this be used for single dosing or is it to shallow of coffee bed to pull a decent shot from 7-9 grams of coffee ? I have also read that very minimal if any grinder change is required between basket sizes when changing basket sizes with VST . Opinions ? I have VST 18 g basket and have found it by far the best of the baskets I have tried so would like to stick with them however ,

    If their is another brand people suggest are very good for this use please suggest away . I do have like the precision baskets as it makes sense in my mind that it would be a difference from the standard basket .

    I understand plenty of people have different experiences on this topic but I am interested in making this work for me and my set up .

    Appreciate people’s input . Thanks


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    VST have them and their official AUS supplier is Bombora.

    Good Luck.


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      I got one from Coffee Parts, one of the site sponsors. The are kind of pricy and it looks like the price just went up.

      Officially, they require a 40.7 to 40.9mm tamper. I use a 40mm which seems to be ok. However, I find them hard to work with.


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        Thanks gents . Isn’t that the international site Noonar? I will look up Bombora site to see now . Thanks for the info .

        lancruiser thanks for the info on the tamper . That’s a bit of a pain too as I use palm ramp and distribution tool . More gadgets on the bench . Thanks guys


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          Yes NJD, just joining the dots to the AUS supplier. Didnt realise Coffee Parts had them. Cool.