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Cheap scales, at least 1kg capacity and 0.1g accuracy

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  • Cheap scales, at least 1kg capacity and 0.1g accuracy


    As the title says, I'm looking for scales in the range of $50 or under.
    Yeah yeah Acaia is the bee's knee's but digital scales technology has been around for 30 or 40 years..
    Surely it would cost less these days to have a set of accurate and good performing digital scales with great reviews and easy user experience (stupid buttons or turns off quickly or whatever other silly non thought of feature)

    So what I'm looking for:
    1. $50 Australian or under
    2. Good reviews
    3. Accurate and to 0.1g
    4. 1kg or more capacity (portafilter weighs 700 or so grams)
    5. Not laggy like some reviews say about the cheaper and low quality ones found on amazon
    6. Connectivity to the phone is not a big deal, I probably would use that function a few times at most



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    Plenty to be found re: various Aussie based sources if you do a Google search...



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      Thank you.
      Could you provide a couple of links or examples of those you speak of?


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        Suggest you do the search yourself....
        Nothing specific at that price point.



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          Keep in mind that you don't actually need to put the whole portafilter on the scale, just the filter basket and coffee will come in at under 100g. If you search on amazon for 0.1g scales plenty of options there, I'm seeing a 3kg capacity set for $19.99


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            Thanks for your input.
            The one that you see on amazon seems to be really low quality with varying reviews about accuracy. Not many reviews about it being used in a coffee application. It's also one of maybe a couple that I can find.

            When you say to use just the filter basket, you mean a ridgeless basket?
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          So that's a no to a couple links or examples then. What was the point of replying then, maybe stuck on your high horse? Actually, please don't reply, you are unhelpful.

          I'm asking for suggestions. I've done some research and thought to ask a question on this forum full of knowledgeable and helpful people.

          Maybe some have found great scales fit for the purpose, that is cheap but just as good as the more expensive units.

          Maybe someone knows of a scale that is compact and works well when placed on the tray of your machine to weigh yield.

          Not Mal.


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            Way to win friends and influence people....

            The site has a no commercial links policy.



            • tekcoR
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              No links is ok.
              I'm happy with examples.. or a discussion about the topic rather than a straight up "Do it yourself", which is not a way to win friends or to influence people.

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            The Rhino scales are popular for the price.

            A few of the site sponsors sell them.



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              Three posts and your stirring the pot,?

              "Do it yourself", which is not a way to win friends or to influence people." Nor is your attitude, a Google search is less than an onerous task, give it a try, you may well learn something?


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                I'd echo Sander and suggest searching for the Rhino scales. They are a reputable brand, in your price range and hit your requirements >1kg @ 0.1g resolution.
                I think your initial post above was pretty reasonable and provided a decent amount of detail in your request for recommendations. Disappointed that you got some spectacularly unhelpful responses. We are not all like that here, so don't be put off!


                • tekcoR
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                  Thanks a ton herzog
                  I'm leaning towards the Rhino, since it would have been designed with coffee in mind.

                  Surprised there's not much happening around that price.

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                Yelta Lol. Yes I've done some searching and learning before posting here for suggestions. Almost no scales in that price range are orientated towards a coffee application, and the reviews are generally not coffee related.

                I may well learn some MORE here, since coffeesnobs is a great resource for information anything coffee related.