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Quality coffee machine showrooms - Geelong region

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  • Quality coffee machine showrooms - Geelong region

    Hi all,
    I've had a dig through the forums and cannot seem to locate what I'm looking for, apologies if this is posted somewhere really obvious.

    My wife and I recently had our Breville Dual Boiler pack up on us. We're in the market for a new coffee machine, and after spending a considerable amount of time researching online, would now like to see some machines in person.

    Our budget is up to $3k, we already have a grinder.

    We're liking the look of Rocket, Profitec, Lelit, ECM machines, however, we're struggling to find anywhere in the Geelong region that seems to stock these brands. Do any Geelong Coffee Snobs have any recommendations on where we can look at some of these brands in person, nearby, if possible? Happy to travel to Melbourne, although given the current Covid situation would prefer to stay a bit closer to home!

    Thanks all...

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    Specialist Espresso in Moolap is where I would go first in Geelong.
    Not a huge amount of choice after them.

    When you know what you want you can also use the [quote form] to see what site sponsors can offer you.


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      Thank you Andy, will check them (and the site sponsors) out