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Niche zero and mokapot?

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  • Niche zero and mokapot?

    Hi there, I have a question that probably doesn't have any wrong answers, but I'd love to hear opinions from anyone who feels like giving one!

    My current equipment is a good condition la Pavoni gran romantica grl, and a mazzer super jolly grinder. I bought both of them second hand for reasonably good prices I think. I've been thinking about changing up my gear, as I currently have these problems:

    Very little bench space
    Minimal time in the morning

    My missus isn't fussed on using much equipment to make a coffee, although she concedes I make a better coffee than nespresso she would prefer a machine as simple as that to make coffee.

    I've been thinking about selling what I have and reinvesting in different gear to suit my needs a bit better. I mainly make milk drinks, but do enjoy the occasional espresso and arguably too frequent espresso Martini.

    Originally I thought maybe I'd get a nespresso machine to satisfy my fiancees wants, and get a cafelat robot for myself, and keep the current grinder. That way I could use the milk foamer thing from her machine to make my milk.

    My other thought was that I could sell both my bits of gear, buy a niche zero grinder (freeing up bench space), her a nespresso machine and then just make do with pour overs, and maybe buy a cheap mokapot for milk drinks, with the view to buy a robot (or any small espresso machine) later. This option is obviously a bit more expensive however I would love to have a niche zero, but I don't know if it's an overkill grinder to have for just a mokapot and pourovers.

    What do you think? Is there a clear better option there? Or a different solution? Thanks in advance!!