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Barista Tool Kits. Are they worth it? Or should I buy individually?

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  • Barista Tool Kits. Are they worth it? Or should I buy individually?

    Hey Coffee Snobs!

    So I'm looking at getting some new and fresh brewing equipment. I've had a look at a few Barista essential kits however I want to get only quality equipment. Does anyone know of a good barista tool kit going around? Or do you think I should just buy everything individually (milk jugs, tamp, tamp mat etc).

    Just to add another question: What jugs, tamps, machine cleaner and machine accessories do you guys use and what do you recommend?


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    In my experience your requirements and preferences change as your skills and experience change.

    I'd start with something cheap understanding that you'll likely need to upgrade over time.



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      Yeah for sure. I have been a barista for a while but I was sussing around to see if anyone knew of any solid starter kits at all!

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    If you will be buying a new machine and grinder, you ought to consider a package deal where these additional items can be provided at a discount price or even for free


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      There are some good options around, but the main issue with complete ‘kits’ is that they’ll undoubtedly have at least one thing in there that you don’t need. So while it might be better value to buy a complete kit (ie. you get 6 items packaged together for the price of 5 bought individually) that value is only realized if you actually use everything in the kit. If you’re buying new equipment I’d suggest talking to the retailer. If you’re set on a kit then look at the variety of the ones available from site sponsors. Decent Espresso have one of their own and other site sponsors like Coffee Parts and Jetblack Espresso usually have kits available. I’m not fully up to date but there’s a few accessory makers that could do them as well. Brands like Saint Anthony Industries, Barista Swag, Barista Brothers, Ten Mile, Pullman for example.