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    Hi all,

    So we know that water is just as important variable as the espresso equipment itself, and coffee specific water is needed mainly to reduce/eliminate scale and increase flavour. ​​​​​​Understood that every household's PPM will be different and some places not even needing any filters at all. Just wanted to ask however, those that do have coffee specific water systems, what you all think is the best long term solution in 2020, and what do you all use? Personally I don't like the filter jugs or pillows to be a permanent or convenient way to fill up machines as they have their limitations in one way or another. So I think this veers towards undersink solutions?

    2 options: Filtered tap water, and remineralised RO.

    - I am looking at the BWT Bestmax Premium, looks to be the most popular and well reviewed, have yet to hear anything negative about it. There is though one thing, I think this applies to the other models not this one? Every morning or few hours it needs to be flushed, at least 0.5-1L as the water in it is too conditioned. Wondering if that applies to this model? How would that work if a machine was plumbed in. Also thoughts on this vs other brands?

    - And what about Remineralised RO? Are they superior? Any reason to choose this over the BWT? Honestly haven't searched much into this.

    I don't have a plumbed in machine, although will probably eventually get one.

    Thanks for your input, much appreciated.

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    Bump. Anybody?


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      Don't know how many CSers use this brand of filter...
      Looking at the spec's it appears similar to Brita and other top-shelf filtering systems.
      Decision should probably be based on availability from your closest supplier.



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        Yeah that sounds about right. Good answer cheers Mal.