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  • Restorer-friendly machine workshops

    Hey all, and sponsors,

    I'm partway through restoring an old Rancilio L4 and have a thread for that, but I've got a question that is probably more general so I thought it might be better to post it here.

    I'll soon be ready to start getting replacement parts for things that can't be saved, or things that I've broken ? along the way. There's a variety of washers, gaskets and o-rings and such, but also some machine-specific bits, and I want to add an OPV that was missing, some new high pressure lines, and replace the boiler safety valve. After lots of internet scouring it's clear that some cs sponsors have a few of the bits I'll need, some bits aren't listed as available at any sponsors, some bits aren't available online anywhere, and I'm going to have to improvise.

    So my question - could anybody suggest a friendly workshop in Adelaide who are well stocked with parts and might be willing to take the time to run through a list of esoteric bits and pieces, to sell to me? Alternatively is there a sponsor that specialises in stocking/sourcing laundry-lists of historical parts?

    I hope this posting is all within the rules, feel free to admonish if not

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    If you click the quote form at the bottom of the page it gets sent to every site sponsor, the ones that can help will respond.