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Double boiler to single.

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  • Double boiler to single.

    Has anyone gone from a double boiler to a single boiler machine, and been happy with their setup?

    After 10 years, my BDB is on it's way out. Sure I could keep repairing it but I think there are just too many issues now.

    So the question remains, has anyone gone to a single boiler and been happy with their choice?

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    10 years for an appliance is good, it's paid for itself many time times over I'm guessing.

    The couple of missing bits of info in your question are:

    1: How much milk?
    2: What budget?

    If you are only pulling espresso shots then domestic single boilers are great, if you want fluffy milk then a single boiler is always a compromise until you get to the higher end, more commercial sized single boilers which have larger boilers and more thermal mass.

    Don't discount second hand if your budget is lower, there are often some excellent machines in the for sale section here too.


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      10 years from any breville/sunbeam is great really.
      i agree with Andy though, it depends on what coffee you drink


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        hi having trouble with the pm system
        ok if the motor is in good order ill take it.....400 is the asking price? plus postage to dungog NSW please


        • Ronin
          Ronin commented
          Editing a comment
          yep $400.
          I’ll figure out postage & let you know ASAP
          Not related to this thread though. Msg is in regards to a Mazzer mini for sale

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          LOL hyjacked...

          My initial thoughts in terms of spend was up to $1k, as it's really only me drinking coffee now. I was looking at the Gaggia Classic Pro (adding a PID and pressure gauge), finding good comments about it are hard pressed, not sure why, can only think it's because people are trying to use it to make milk coffees over and over at once.

          I drink both long black and white, depending on the bean, and what I want to put up with (lactose intolerant).

          In saying that, I do know that a few times a year I have to make coffees for up to 4 people at once, and sometimes twice for those same people during the day. So that then has me going over the $1k mark, I'm trying to not go too far over, although I did see the Quick Mill Silvano Evo, but that's way, way, way over what I wanted to spend.

          I am keeping my eye on the second hand listings, here and other places.