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    Mine are a little bit on the fritz, what would be good to get? Nothing too expensive but would get the job done. I like the small ones that I can put on top of the drip tray if that’s help.


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    I'm currently using these cheapies to weigh my dose. Very compact & easy to read display. Cheaply made but at $6 delivered, you just buy two!

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      The brand illustrated was sold by several Melbourne cafes in the past for approx $15 not sure if they are still stocked locally. Works really well, I bought a couple for family and they all displayed consistent readings between them which was encouraging. The original set is still going strong and must be at least 10 years old and used many times each day for a variety of kitchen functions and is carted around in the travel kit and still survived. Fits a Robot if anyone is interested in that point. Note this does not have a timer function

      They are still on the bay for $10 - $20 delivered
      Search on Google, using Jewelry Scale 0.1g Precision Scale Digital plenty of other options also come up

      Click image for larger version

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      • Rami
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        That’s exactly the one I have that is on the fritz. Maybe I will just get another one.

      • Beanz.
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        Rami not sure exactly what you mean by "fritz" so may be it is falling apart physically or just not operating correctly. They will behave oddly when the battery gets old, mine starting behaving strangely but kept working but turning off too quickly, hard to turn on etc. As the battery goes down it struggles to keep working instead of stopping completely. It was the first battery I recall replacing so the length of time it operated was extraordinary, must be low current draw

      • Rami
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        That must be it. Will replace the battery and see. Was starting to get random results

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      Well I recently bought some cheap ones on aliexpress - see pic. There are two things I really like about them. The Second timer which I now regard as essential as it has really let me hone my espresso making skills and the simple mechanical on/ off switch so it does not switch off till I switch it off, unlike our kitchen scales I was previously using. Cost me about $16 and the best thing I have bought recently to upgrade my coffee skills. Probably not that durable but lets see. When it dies I might lash out and get the Acaia Lunar scales discussed below.

      Since I got back into CS I noticed members are keen on Acaia Lunar scales. Had no idea why until I watched a video by James Hoffman reviewing Smart Coffee Scales. These are the ones that link to your smart phone via an app and let you produce time vs weight graphs etc. I gather the Acaia is the one that has the best intuitive app making it easier to use.

      Go cheap or expensive but get one with a timer. That is my suggestion.
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      • ev
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        The inbuilt timer is a great feature! I use a separate timer that I switch on at the same time as the grinder. This would've been nice.

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      I bought these scales from a site sponsor a few months back:

      I'm a little bit disappointed with them as they have been chewing through batteries (2xAAA) pretty quickly, seemingly requiring replacement after about a month on average for me so far. The auto-off feature is a bit too quick for my liking too. In terms of measuring they seem to be pretty consistent/accurate (not that I've validated them or anything), however the readout isn't ultra responsive. They're obviously a low-cost set of scales so I appreciate that you get what you pay for, and they are providing me with good service. I guess I now know the features I'd prefer in a set of scales for my eventual upgrade!


      • roosterben
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        They actually look really good. I have a clone of the Acaia Lunar scales (same internals) and paid maybe $220, don't regret it at all. But don't bother with the Acaia app it is useless from all reports.

        I also have a Brewista Smart Scale too which I use at work but the buttons are really hard to press and I find it annoying to use.

        The Timemore looks pretty handy and gives you a nice clear display with touch sensitive buttons.

      • Machvayne
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        Yeah, I wanted something that looked nice on the countertop and like the look of the Acaia's, but also didn't want to spend $200-300+.
        The Timemore looked good and was a smaller hit on the wallet. Have been happy with it so far.

      • Ted2013
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        Roosterben, I was just going off James Hoffman's review of smart scales. He usually is very knowledgeable. Does you clone allow you to use the Acaia app? I assume regardless of whether you buy a new or second hand Acaia Luna you could produce those profile graphs on your phone? Can anyone advise on this? If so I could be tempted down the track.

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      Originally posted by Ted2013 View Post
      Since I got back into CS I noticed members are keen on Acaia Lunar scales. Had no idea why until I watched a video by James Hoffman reviewing Smart Coffee Scales. These are the ones that link to your smart phone via an app and let you produce time vs weight graphs etc. I gather the Acaia is the one that has the best intuitive app making it easier to use.
      I have a Lunar but I've never bothered to connect it to my phone. I bought it because it's well made, easy to use, water resistant, looks great, recharges via USB and is extremely fast/precise. The speed is good for workflow but also it means I can stop my shots consistently within a gram of my goal yield. Love it.

      It even comes with a calibration weight although I've used it multiple times a day for years and it still shows 100.0 when I put the weight on it very occasionally so I've never needed to calibrate it.


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        I find the Lunar is accurate, responsive, fit for purpose, just looks and feels right for coffee making, Matches up nicely with my polished steel and black set up too. Waited until there was a sale so I could justify getting one - was worried about making an expensive mistake, ended up very satisfied, no regrets.


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          Well may wait for the Christmas sale. Maybe Santa will have something in the old stocking.
          noonar how much were they on sale?


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            DiBartoli 30% off November sale came to $237 delivered.


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              I am using a Brewista smart scale 2. $139 from Alternative Brewing. I use it every day for single dose bean weight and shot extraction time, and yield. Very handy tool. Not as pretty as the more expensive units but it does the job. Throw away the silicon protective mat, it gets caught on the back the machine and gives false readings. Bonus is mine does not have the sickly orange display you see in the ads. Power is by internal USB charged battery.


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                Click image for larger version

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                  I can second the aliexpress scales that come with a timer & rubber cover for the scales. I bought to use with v60 instead of my phone & it fits my needs well. Probably isn't the greatest scale in the world but produces better, more accurate results than my previous wonky kitchen scales. Also only cost me $22 aud shipped, you just pay for it in the form of very slow shipping from china, so if you aren't in a rush its a good cheap beginner option. The most important thing for me is I can safely put my v60 server vessel on top of it & brew just fine, weighing my pours that way - I had similarly accurate "jewellery"/electronics/drug dealer-esque scales that could weigh my coffee but couldn't fit my server & v60, and the kitchen scales I had that did were horribly inacurate.


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                    I have recent purchased on of the above as my cheap eBay ones were chewing the batteries and weren't very accurate...

                    Couldn't justify acaia but came across the timemore which was a good price and still a small minimal design.

                    So far I'm very happy and would recommend them.

                    Cheers Marty