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  • Pureau water

    Anyone knows if Pureau is ok for domestic espresso machine (in my case Oscar 2) long term?

    Tried for pourover and its great thought of using for espressos as well.

    if yes or no anyone have any other recommendation as well?

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    Quite a few CSers use this water and get excellent results...



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      Yeh, I took my Cremina with me down the coast last year and when I looked at the saucepans and kettle at the place I was staying I decided that water was not going near the Cremina. Bought a box of Pureau and all was good.


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        It's good stuff, picked up a new machine and needed some filtered water in a hurry. I was very impressed with it, an added bonus is that it makes tea taste superb, boiled up in the kettle or using your espresso wand. My Mrs even remarked, this tea tastes smooth and silky. However, I think it's too expensive to use permanently and settled on a BWT filter jug which is ok for espresso machines.


        The tea's still good with BWT.


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          Can someone post the "ingredients list" from the side of the packaging? If it's RO or close to, where's the ionic content to safely run an espresso machine without it overfilling?


          • FNQ
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            hi Erimus

            the OP specifically asked for recommendations long term.... so i think the interpretation that the pureau water on its own to be unsuitable is appropriate. I don't know whether the Oscar 2 has stainless steel boilers, but for long term productivity it does seem like getting quality water is a 'critical' maintenance step. The examples of Remineralising and or diluting with measured results are both good ways of doing both a) using pureau and b) keeping water levels appropriate, so too are appropriate water filtering methods

            So Pureau doesn't have chlorine which is a good thing for the internals but it is not a panacea. Not wanting to give anyone apoplexy but i believe all of the responders have given reasonable advice without going overboard. Cheers Darryl

          • Erimus
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            Yo FNQ,

            I did say that I thought it was too expensive to use all the time. I'll just add even more so with an HX machine.

          • Nubarista
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            FNQ Oscar 2 uses a copper boiler. Yeah you are right looking to use Pureau if possible exclusively in hope that I will protect the machine. Just reading that rather than think about descaling think about feeding quality water. No issues with overfilling the tank with Oscar 2, maybe its not thay smart hahaha

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          I measured its TDS using a pro grade Bluelab meter, it was close to zero. ended up adding 1/3 tap water to make it reach 100ppm before filling up the coffee machine.


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            The manufacturer definately states that their 'proprietary' 3 stage filtration process undergoes RO during the 2nd stage.
            And as I read yesterday, the link FNQ has now posted above well whilst they claim that the finished water contains trace elements of essential minerals, A Further search reveals their own stated laboratory analysis points to a 'panel' with all straight zero's (ppm) for all elements including essential minerals including magnesium and potassium.
            My takeaway was that it is likely to sterile.


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              As others have said, the TDS is practically zero on tje Pureau as is. I remineralise with potassium bicarb before filling up the tank (or epsom and sodium bicarb for filter).


              • SirRedNob
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                I'm curious about this. Can you provide some info on how you do this? Which minerals to use and how much etc?

              • rokkuran
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                Sorry for the late reply. I use potassium bicarb to remineralise for espresso. I make a 10 g/L stock solution and then use 10 mL per litre to make up a 5 L tub for easy refilling during the week. This is the "rpavlis" recipe popular on HomeBarista.

                For filter, I use Barista Hustle's Hendon water recipe, which uses two stock solutions. One is a buffer, made using sodium bicarb, and the other is a hardness solution, made using epsom salts.

              • SirRedNob
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                Thanks. I’ve since done quite the amount of research and settled on the rpavlis recipe as well. Potassium bicarbonate has already arrived and now waiting till Christmas so I can open my new machine

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              Thanks everyone, I probably 2/3 Pureau and 1/3 tap water