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  • Tamper and Distribution Recommendation

    Hi all,

    A friend has just ventured into the wonderful world of making coffee and has a Bambino and SCG. I was wondering if a combination Tamper and Distribution would help them with their technique. You know the ones that distribute the grinds on one side and you turn it over and tamper. It would need to be 54mm to suit the single wall basket.

    Or, is it a waste of money? Thoughts & recommendations.


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    It would probably help with consistency, not sure about technique. I used a cheap ebay distributor when I had my SGP, helped eliminate the occasional awful shot but didn't make much other differencve. Once I upgraded grinder I found it made no difference and stopped using it.

    Having a self levelling tamper (such as what you've suggested) would probably help make it quite a bit easier to tamp. You'd probably want to set the depths yourself though. I tend to go as shallow as possible on the distributor


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      Thank you once again for your comments.

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    I use a WDT (Weiss Distribution Technique) tool for distribution, highly recommend it. Google image on how it looks.
    It declumps and distributes at the same time.
    It's a simple design, cheap to make and when you change machines, it carries over.
    Recommend fairly thin needles so you can't something like a dessert fork (have tried).
    My first one was a keycap puller (for keyboards) and I snipped the ends off to create a 4 pronged fork.
    Sewing needles, toothpicks and paperclips also worked ok for me but 0.4mm and 0.25mm acupuncture needles seems to be the best.
    My current is a whiskey cork and 0.25mm acupuncture needles.

    For tampers, I find a normal tamper is still the best teacher. You just want something with a bit of weight to it as the Breville default one can be a bit light.


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      Lots of experiments with this. Best thing is a puck rake from Decent or Levercraft or Etsy. Agree that acupuncture needles between 0.25mm and 4mm are best. The WDT thing that spins around is not a great idea (James hoffman confirmed my thinking on this in one of his latest YouTube videos). Best thing is the puck rake to get air pockets out and distribute evenly, use a tamper with even pressure across the basket (the amount of pressure does not make much diff) and a naked basket to check that you get the puck rake and tamping spot on by seeing an even pour simultaneously right across the bottom of the basket.


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        Agree with above. I use a cork with acupuncture needles. Works well