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E61 brew lever stiffness

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  • E61 brew lever stiffness

    Just gauging if this usual or I’m doing something wrong as it (AFAIK) was the same or very similar with my previous machine. When I service/lube the cam and valves in the group i also grease the 2 rubber seals on the actuating cam shaft (hope that makes sense) with inbox mx6 but when the machine is cold the lever is damn stiff but ok when at operating temp. Now it doesn’t feel like it is the interface between the cam and the pins but just that the seals are gripping the shaft too well. I see that my current ECM actually has 3 seals instead of the usual 2 so I’ve deliberately left one out, no leakage and slight improvement. Should I not be lubing these seals or maybe use the Molykote 111 or Haynes Silicone grease? Looking for the general consensus, thanks in advance

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    Always used Molycote 111 for these (and the rest of the group).
    The Inox MX6 doesn't seem to as 'slippery' as the 111...



    • Mono
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      Thanks Mal. I’ll give the Molykote a try…

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    How often do you do a chemical backlush? I often found that stripped a bit of the Molykote so would do a quick reapplication after every chemical back flush (approx once a month). As you said, when its cold its stiffer, but less so once warmed up.


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      not sure how often time wise as I have it set to remind me by shot count. I did a re lube earlier this week and it got the better of me hense the thread. I will try the molykote, will just need to decide where to buy it. 100 gram tube is a bit excessive for my needs but the little satches seem to be all ex-usa so freight kills that idea. just ordered a maintenance kit so will get new seals and lube with molykote and update...


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        Molykote 100gm for $32 on eBay is what I got . Will last a lifetime and not that expensive for how much you get. Like others said, I do once a month chemical back flush, which means I usually lubricate most of my stuff around the same time, if not every 2nd back flush when I pull more bits apart. But yeah, stiffer when cold but smooth when warmed up.


        • Dimal
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          Agree, and less is more with Molykote 111; a very small amount is all that's needed...

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        Thought I would just update this thread should someone look for an answer at some stage. The Molykote 111 arrived and I can’t believe the difference it has made, as
        Dimal suggested that it is more slippery. Before I would lube with the Inox and I would try the lever (cold) and it would be quite ok, come back some time later and it would like l had used contact cement as a lube, you could actuate the lever but it would be stiff. When at operational temp back to acceptable. I have a spare cam unit and spare seals so I tried the Inox, on the cam and seals, felt ok but half an hour later it was like I used “grip” not “grease” and rotating the shaft inside the seals was “stiff”. Now my Synchronika lever feels like the day it came out of the box…… no more MX6 for me as the other s##t just works….. thanks so much guys