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  • Spinning distribution tools

    Just wondering if anyone has managed to convince themselves that their spinning distribution tool ie. An OCD tool or its various wedged or flat profile copies actually improves shot quality when added to good prep technique otherwise? By good puck prep I mean a good grinder, wdt with small enough needles, and a well fitted consistent tamp. I have a 58.5 mm tool and am now convinced it is only safe to use on a very superficial setting to provide a level tamping surface, but perhaps others have had success with a different depth setting? Cheers.

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    Nup, just an OCD spin toy.
    Glad I bought an knock off to trial.


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      I came to the same conclusion that you did


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        My view is that the spinning tools are of zero benefit and actually do more harm than good.

        The two tools that personally gave me the biggest gains were a good WDT needle tool and a self levelling tamper.

        Arguably the self levelling tamper isnt required if you can consistently achieve the same results with a traditional tamper.

        I wouldn't give up the WDT tool now that I've incorporated it into my workflow.



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          I use an ocd tool I got 2nd hand off this page, and to be honest, I don’t think it does a great deal when your grind is good, you’re using WDT and tamping right. If anything it just gives you a flat surface when you’re about to tamp. I set mine shallow enough that it just levels the top rather than compacting


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            Thanks all - I was kind of hoping for a dissenting opinion to tell me it was my technique at fault and I didn't waste $70 but part of this hobby is too many gadgets so such is this coffee life.