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No love for Oscar?

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  • No love for Oscar?

    Im looking at a new cheaper HX machine or a second hand better one.

    I notice theres loads of interest here for VBM, ECM, Expobar, Diadema, Isomac, Bezzera etc. All of which Ive seen recommended as entry-level HX.

    But noone seems to list the NS Oscar (or the Expobar Office SemiAuto for that matter). Why not? Is there something to be wary of, or is it just not shiny enough?


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    Re: No love for Oscar?

    Hi Matt,

    I own an Expobar Office semi-auto. Have done for a little over three and a half years. I have been quite happy with it. Not as well finished as some of the Italians, well maybe all the Italians. I was initially considering a Silvia, but made the jump to a HX instead. For me I couldnt have justified going higher up the food chain (budget wise), but have been happy with the coffee I have been able to produce with it. Like all machines it has its idiosyncrasies. I have found it noisier than Giotto and other machines that I have played around with. Probably a bigger cooling flush than other machines I have played with as well, though not all. I am in the process of weighing up doing some modifications.

    There are some Oscar owners around as well, so I am sure you will be able to get some firsthand opinions on them as well. Best thing is to play around with machines at a sponsors premises, so you can compare them head-to-head. The new WA sponsor may be able to help you there.

    If I had a bigger budget I probably would have gone a different brand at the time. But I have been happy enough with my choice, to the point where I have chosen to upgrade grinders instead.

    If you have any direct questions about the Expobar then fire away, others will probably be able to help as well.



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      Re: No love for Oscar?

      Commercial interest firmly declared at the onset.

      We tried to sell Oscars way back when.... they seemed like a good idea at the time. What held the market back (atleast in our area), was the plastic body. No one wanted it and they were prepared to spend more on the metal machines.

      So to our way of thinking, they needed to be far cheaper than other small but metal HX machines, to sell. The do not have a hot water tap and pipe if that is important to you.

      In the end the resale value of an Oscar if you ever wanted to upgrade at a later time in a site like this, would be very low indeed. This would be bad for the seller, but conversely good for the buyer....?


      Re your comment: Im looking at a new cheaper HX machine or a second hand better one.

      I believe we have one very good used semi commercial heat exchanger machine in stock, and I think there is also a new shop soiled Diadema Junior, and one only run out 1.3 litre Diadema REGAL with Plexi body also I think shop soiled. The second handy has had a thorough going over, the other/s are brand new.

      If you wish to pursuse, please take the direct method by email or telephone (but not PM) off forum.

      Otherwise, gpodf luck in your hunt.

      very first CS site sponsor.


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        Re: No love for Oscar?


        We are a site sponser and sell the Oscar

        The Oscar IS a good machine and fits into a budget that most other HX machines dont

        It does have its draw backs with the ABS body rather then stainless steel and no hot water tap, but it is probabbly priced accordingly

        We are now also supplying the NS Musica which is an HX volumetric machineand has a retail of $2200

        may be worth considering





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          Re: No love for Oscar?

          Hi Matt,

          Bought an Oscar about 8 weeks ago, and it is spot-on. Looked at and tested a few others (Isomac Zaffiro, Diamond Italia, and a few others), but in my opinion the Oscar simply out-performed them. I personally dont care if its a plastic body, or doesnt have a hot water tap - for me its all about the shot and the quality/speed of the milk texturing, and this machine excels at both.

          Get on board - you wont regret it!


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            Re: No love for Oscar refer steaming problems?


            I posted a question today re some Oscar Steaming Problems as follows . I would interested in your comments as generally I like the Oscar - I just have this problem re Steam seeming to be temporary absent

            Also the other problem as to best method (tool) to remove steam tip to give a thorough clean without danaging it

            My post today was :-

            I would like someones opinion on problems I have with steaming from time to time.  The machine is about 2 months old. I heat up machine for 30 minutes, draw shot, bleed steam wand. Sometimes after fully opening steam valve there is little or no steam or water coming out. So I leave it a couple of minutes and plenty of steam. I took it back to supplier(coffee snobs sponsor) and they said it was fixed - steam holes were blocked and they used a needle. Now this is ok and I did the same - I give it a good flush after steaming but cant understand why sometimes it seems to be no steam/ little water coming out and then waiting and it is ok.

            Any ideas ??

            My second query is how does one remove the steam tip  to give it a good clean- I cant get a spanner or wrench to grip and dont want to mark the tip too much .



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              Re: No love for Oscar?

              Originally posted by 2022393335232022393E373522500 link=1275452787/5#5 date=1276493839
              Also the other problem as to best method (tool) to remove steam tip to give a thorough clean without damaging it
              One can use multi grips around some rubber to prevent damage
              If stubborn spray it with WD40
              Also determine if its a left or right hand thread

              If you system comes up to pressure and has no leaks it will steam to its max parameters

              Those parameters are set by
              1] boiler bar pressure
              2] boiler capacity
              3] electrical element strength

              Normally the steam pressure will diminish gradually the longer the steam is left on



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                Re: No love for Oscar?

                My Oscar retired itself forcibly on Sunday either the pump or the autofill at a guess.

                While I loved the Oscar, I had already planned an upgrade sometime in January. So bringing that forward, and going to get a diadema Junior Plus Semi Auto from Talk Coffee (i had heard how friendly Chris was, he really is too!)

                Then once i am able to self caffeinate again, I will attempt to repair the oscar so i can take it to my dads and never be offered instant again

                The Oscar IS a good machine. I got mine second hand off a fellow CSer a couple of years ago. It met most of my coffee needs more than adequately. I dont know if I would buy another one though. But it could just be my attraction to shiny stuff.