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Giotto Premium Plus vs Vibiemme Domobar Super

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  • Giotto Premium Plus vs Vibiemme Domobar Super

    Hi I am looking at upgrading from my Rancilio Silvia Rocky combo of the last 8 years.Have seen lots of comments on the Giotto but not too much on the VBM.Any thoughts, opinions on either machine would be appreciated.

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    Re: Giotto Premium Plus vs Vibiemme Domobar Super

    Welcome Niuginigold

    I spent a fair bit of time researching my options. The VBM and the Giotto wore two of the machines in my top 5 which also included the Bezzera Domus Galatea, the Diadema Junior Extra and the Expobar Minore.

    Each machine had its merits, the VBM because of its greater steaming power (bigger boiler) but they always looked a bit boxy to me and the build quality at that time wasnt up to the standard of the other machines (my previous machine was a VBM Piccolo).

    The Bezzera DG was a great looking machine with a good reputation and likewise the Diadema given the report of one of the other members who had recently bought one.

    The Giotto ticked all the boxes and, in the end, it was a matter of price that pushed me that way. I know if I bought any of the other machines, their performance would be equivalent to the Giotto or in some cases, better. I have never once thought, "Gee, I wish I had bought the XXXX...". It has never disappointed me for the 12 months I have owned it.

    In the end, it was what you would want. Appearance is important, performance more so. Coffee making needs, if you are only making a few coffees daily, you dont need a machine with a large boiler but I would not under-estimate the possibility of coffee consumption increasing with a better machine.

    Bench space is also a consideration and the VBM Domobar Junior has a smaller footprint.

    I have lost count of the number of times I have supplied the above info in one form or another but in the end, you need to go and see these machines in the ...errrr...metal. Get some hands-on. and think about your grinder too. You dont mention what you have now but if you have a budget of $3.5K, you will get a good combo for that sort of money.

    Go and visit a sponsor or two (or three). Its an important purchase.


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      Re: Giotto Premium Plus vs Vibiemme Domobar Super

      Welcome niuginigold,

      I think Flynn has hit the nail on the head here as with these couple of machines, youre really comparing nuances.

      Considerations on the Giotto:
      • Easier to fill as you dont need to remove the entire lid. Also the tank is completely open at the top, so a careful jug fill is possible
      • Best steam wand in the business. Cool touch and great porting makes perfect microfoam a doddle
      • Drip tray is a tad small (Easily overcome by upgrading to the rotary pump Evoluzione model which would be a given for me  8-))
      • Gorgeous design and excellent finish
      • Easy to get into to service (makes for smaller bills when compared to machines with covers which are fiddly to remove- e.g DG)
      • Well thought out internal layout.

      Considerations on the VBM Domobar Super:
      • Bigger steam as valving is wider
      • Wands are not cool touch and porting makes for a steeper milk learning curve
      • Tank fill requires everything off the top of the machine and a funnel- or removal of tank. Its a big tank though, so this wont happen too often...
      • Chassis is stainless (powdercoat on GPP)
      • Hot water wand = form over function. Too short and you can burn yourself with steam if youre looking for more than a cup of tea or long black
      • Massive drip tray

      Both are excellent machines as are the others mentioned. I find access to the domus galatea internals fiddly and its harder to get to some of the internals so replacement of some items can be more time consuming. Plenty of CSers have it as well as the Diadema Junior Extra/Regal 2.0 and I think all are very happy with their respective choices.

      I think it comes down to purchasing something which youre happy to look at every day and which makes your job easy. All of these machines do that- however if it was my cash these days, I think Id try to extend to the Evoluzione if you can possibly manage it as the rotary pump is eerily silent and the machine can be plumbed or run from tank which makes for incredible versatility. It is a fair bit more expensive though... :-/

      If youre Melbourne based, both Giottos and a VBM are included in the lineup on the Talk Coffee bench and were happy to run you over them. In Sydney, Dennis of cuppacoffee has a GPP and a VBM as well as an Izzo Alex Duetto on his demo bench as well. If not, we ship anywhere in Oz.

      Hope that helps...



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        Re: Giotto Premium Plus vs Vibiemme Domobar Super

        In my opinion at this level you can not go wrong with any of this two machines or either Bezzera, Isomac , Izzo, Expobar.

        My suggestion is go and visit any of the sponsors that have this machines at the bench to try and touch and get your own conclusion.

        By the way we have all the major brands in our bench, we are happy to share our knowledge and a cup of coffee with you.


        Di Bartoli Home Barista Centre


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          Re: Giotto Premium Plus vs Vibiemme Domobar Super

          Thanks for your prompt replies,I guess there is nothing like seeing and experiencing these machines in the "metal" as Flynn noted.A bit harder to organise being on the NSW North Coast.

          Your comments have reinforced my perception that at this level the machines are very comparable and most are very well made.

          Currently have the Rocky doserless grinder which I may upgrade as well but having a preference for a doserless grinder limits my choices somewhat.

          Thanks again for all your input.


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            Re: Giotto Premium Plus vs Vibiemme Domobar Super

            Congratulations Niuginigold on making the decision to get your next machine. You have many options available to you at that price point with each machine having their own pro and cons.

            If you wanted to head North Supreme Roasters are based out of Yatala, QLD (just north of the Gold Coast) and have a showroom full of machines for you to view and play with. We included a in depth training session with any purchase as well.  If you can find the time it would be worth while to take the trip for such an important purchase.

            In regards to your grinder choices the K3 Touch is an excellent priced doserless grinder with a great repuation. RRP is circa $580 although if you are buying a machine with it then youd expect the package deal to put a big red line through the RRP.

            Happy to chat and give our insight and experience with your machine choices.

            Kind Regards,

            Roger Bright
            Supreme Roasters
            (07) 3801 8989
            0410 292 962