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  • Berrera BZ99

    Ive got the chance of a second hand Bezzera BZ99. Anyone got any comments on the quality of these machines, and would it be a worthwhile upgrade from my Beloved Silvia?
    Any comments would be gratefully accepted.

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    Re: Bezzera BZ99

    Gday CH,

    The BZ-99 is a great little machine, well... probably not that little actually. As with anything 2nd Hand, if you are not too sure about how to check this machine out properly yourself, I would try to obtain the assistance of someone you trust and knows espresso machines, to go with you and give it a thorough check-over.... Dont want to buy somebody elses years of abuse .

    The good news of course, is that these are still a current Bezzera machine so getting parts and service is much more straight forward than with some others. All things being equal though, and supposing that all is up to scratch it should be a great machine to have sitting up in pride of place on the kitchen counter. I havent finished the restoration (mainly cosmetic) of my Bezzera MiniBar as yet but others who own Bezzera machines can not speak highly enough of them for the quality of shots they produce.

    Hope it works out ,



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      Re: Berrera BZ99

      Yes, in the context of your question (and if you like it & want it), buy it. Subject only to successful price negotiation that suits both parties.



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        Re: Berrera BZ99

        The BZ99 is a very good quality machine. It should be easier to get consistent shots with it compared to a Silvia and youll be able to steam the milk sooner and faster. The caveat is with all 2nd hand machines, you have to be careful and be prepared for a major overhaul/restoration if necessary.




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          Re: Berrera BZ99

          I agree. The BZ99 is indeed a very good HX machine. However, like any other second hand item, there is a risk involved, as the only way to genuinely asses a second hand items condition, is by taking the top off and checking each major components performance. Even then, certain costly items may appear to perform well, but may be on their way to seize functioning, which could be from a verity of reasons: lack of cleaning routine, tear & wear as a result of excessive use, idleness of the machine for along period of time or mal operation.

          We are one of Bezzeras service agents in NSW, and repair plenty of those. If you need any other advice, dont hesitate to give me a call,



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            Re: Berrera BZ99

            Thanks for the advice guys. Based on this I decided to buy it.........but got out bid (ebay).
            So Im still looking for an upgrade, but on a limited budget. If you hear of anything, let me know.