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e-61 brewing tips....

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    thanks for sharing


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      Hi all, I really need some help! I have an e61 machine with with a pressure gauge in the group head. Grinder is an mazzer mini electronic.

      Let me start with some assumptions I have read:
      Brewing should be at 9 bar
      Dosing should allow a 5 cent piece to be placed on the puck and it not to press into the filter screen when screwed in.

      For my standardish shot if I aim for 9 bar, my flow rates are wayyyy too quick (2.5x yield in 15 seconds)
      Fining up the grind to get in the 25 second range (still looks too fast) the pressure is around 11.5.
      Pressure with a blind basket is around 12.

      My guess is the dose isn't right and there isn't enough coffee? It is a ridged basket and the coffee sits a couple of mm below the ridge when tamped. However it does sit below the filter screen perfectly with the 5 cent piece. If i was to do the 'dose collapse, dose tamp' method, it would probably be at least 2-3 more grams of coffee in the basket.

      This is probably a bit of analysis paralysis i think. I'm just not sure which of the variables I need to change.

      Thanks for your help.


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        Eatcakes, adjust your pressure with a blind basket to 9 bars and don't change it once set.

        You need to be consistent in the amount of coffee you dose, and your tamping pressure.

        A digital scale with 1 gram or smaller increments will eliminate guesswork.

        I would try for 18 grams in the basket, tamped to about 14 kg pressure (put your loaded portafilter onto a bathroom scale and tamp to 14 kg).

        Aim for 25-30 grams of espresso in 30 seconds plus or minus a few secs.

        If under in time, grind a little finer. If taking over , grind coarser.

        But don't change tamping pressure or water pressure or amount of coffee.


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          robusto is spot on re pressure and the other techniques, the maximum pressure at the group is controlled by the OPV (over pressure valve), if you confirm your machine model and year there may be a thread on CoffeeSnobs about adjusting it or if not YouTube videos on how to get to. I recently adjusted Domobar Super E61 which was easy to access and adjust. Depending on the model you may want to shoot for 10 bar on the gauge which usually is 9 bar at the group. There are devices such as a Scace or pressure gauges which screw onto a portafilter to measure pressure at the group.


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            Thanks. It's a La Pavoni Cellini Premium. I'll have a look around to see if I can find how to adjust the pressure.
            With regards to the amount of coffee in the filter basket, surely there is a way to tell how much coffee needs to be in there and not guessing?
            Is going on puck consistency after a shot i.e too wet dry?
            Seems like if I can lock in the "correct" dose weight the rest seems a lot easier. But I'm not too sure what is too little in the basket and too much, other than the obvious can't screw it in for too much and soup for when you pull it out for too little.
            Maybe I'm being too pedantic?
            Thanks again for your help