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  • WOO New Machine! - Bezzera99S

    Hello hello hello CoffeeSnobs!   First post so be nice

    Guess what I picked up yesterday! A Bezzera 99S!! Im so happy, its so shiny and i got it for the bargin price of "You can have it as long as my dad doesnt ask for it back" :P However, what I know about coffee is a drop in the ocean... So what can you guys tell me about my machine? Other than it being shiny :P

    Also, any particular recommendations for who I should pick up a grinder from in the Brisbane area? Im looking to spend around $500, but none of you site sponsers are in QLD!! You could always move up here?

    In the mean time, time to pick up some a grade supermarket grind!! ... haha i kid i kid!


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    Re: WOO New Machine!

    Welcome to Coffee Snobs Trev.

    Coffee Roasters Australia is in QLD.
    Click on the link on the left to find their details.

    And Im in Sydney and bought my equipment from a sponsor in Melbourne.
    Theyre all good.


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      Re: WOO New Machine!

      I hope you have nothing else planned for the next few nights.  You are in for lots of fun experimenting with your shiny new machine, and lots of sleepless nights until your metabolism learns to deal with too many experimental cups of coffee after work.



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        Re: WOO New Machine!

        Originally posted by tjlusco link=1209163518/0#0 date=1209163518
        Also, any particular recommendations for who I should pick up a grinder from in the Brisbane area? Im looking to spend around $500, but none of you site sponsers are in QLD!! You could always move up here?
        Errr, Trev :....... If you look at the list to the L/H side of the page under the Title "Site Sponsors", the very first business listed "Barazi", is located in Brisbane and happen to sell Bezzera equipment, including grinders, plus espresso machines and grinders from other manufacturers. Well worth a phone call to see what they might be able to do for you.....

        Welcome to CoffeeSnobs by the way....... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]



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          Re: WOO New Machine!

          I am in North Qld and ordered from a Sponsor in a southern state. I had the grinder in 6 days (TNT are still using horse power). It was still cheaper including the postage than I could buy locally. So location of the sponsor is not an issue as the courier services are great. There are a couple of sponsors who are in QLD. Worth a try and they know their customers needs and so far I cant fault their advice. Hope that helps.


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            Re: WOO New Machine!

            Hi tjlusco and welcome!

            My suggestion in the circa $500 bracket would be the Compak K3T (K3 Touch)...

            This has the grind quality of the Mazzers/Macaps and is a superb grinder when used manually. I am not crazy on the timer function which is hard to adjust accurately- so I just dont bother with it .

            Other than that, its a terrific grinder and great value for $$$




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              Re: WOO New Machine! - Bezzera99S

              Hey again! Thanks for all the replys!

              To Palpitation, the only people who have been having sleepless night so far are my neighbours! This machines pump sounds like a mini jet engine idling inside! The second I turned it on I heard their windows slam shut...Oh well

              Thanks for all of the sugestions on where to get a grinder too! I cant believe I over looked the Barazi site, when I looked through the distributors list all I saw was some local coffee stores (very nice ones actually so I didnt want to go through any hassle. Think I might have it couriered like Stan and Thundergod mentioned. Just to decide which grinder to get! I was definitly concidering the Rancilio Rocky, all good reports from all ive heard hear (not sure about dosered or not).

              Oh! Thanks for opening my eyes a little wider Chris! Completly dissmissed that one, hadnt read anything about it. I saw that the Mazzers have very good reviews, but unfortunatly my wallet doesnt quite stretch that far. So the K3T ill definatly keep in mind.

              AND on the technical side of things, im a tiny bit worried about the steamwand. Only had a chance to be making some milk so far, and it doesnt seem to be producing alot of steam? (Im comparing this to a San Marino though :P) It seems to work correctly, but I definatly cant get any whirlpool movement happening. Im going to try temporarly moding the steam tip from 4 holes to 2 and seeing if that helps.

              On the bright side, im loving the hot milos right now, cant wait until I can finally enjoy my coffee at home.


              PS Ive updated my picture with a photo of the beast