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  • Cleaning Techniques?

    Hello all!

    Ive had my BZ99s for a week now and im loving every second of it! The cows that died for my amusement... I think ive been through about 10 Litres of milk already, getting my silky smooth paint like milk eeeevery time! Mmmm... Dreamy lattes.... Cheers to Mal for the toothpick mod idea! A new steam tip is second on my list of things to get now.

    Anyhoo, what is really on my mind is cleaning techniques! I was wondering if a BZ99s can be backflushed? I have no idea about the innerworkings of my machine, all I could find was Can steam milk and brew at the same time  which im guessing means duel boiler.. Please do correct me if im wrong :P On of the site sponsers (Di Bartoli) said in another thread that it could be backflushed, but I just want to confirm!

    And what else would you do on a daily basis as far as cleaning goes? Brushing down the group head, cleaning the shower screen, running water through the grouphead and portafilter till they run clear, cleaning the steam wand, oh and a nice little polish of all the crome Anything else missing on the list?

    Thanks heaps, Trev

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    Re: Cleaning Techniques?

    Gday Trev,

    Glad to hear that all is going well mate, good stuff . A pretty decent tutorial on how to maintain a machine such as yours can be found here, on the Home Barista website. Your machine, by the way, is a Single Boiler Heat eXchanger (HX) design, not a dual boiler job, and both designs perform well if the operator knows what theyre doing. Im pretty sure there is some explanatory information on the Home Barista website that describes the differences between various machine designs too, so you might like to hunt that out for yourself .

    All the best Trev [smiley=happy.gif],


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      Re: Cleaning Techniques?

      HX!! Oh noes :P just read an article about HX temperature management which made my head spin...Interestingly, in a barista course that i did recently, they didnt once mention anything about temperature management! The mentioned tooones and tooones about the correct grind and grind management, tamp consistancy etc... Eye opener and a half I luckly Im not making espresso just yet, so a clear mind for me... Sooooo it looks like a blind filter is on my must get list too now

      Current to get list:

      1. Mini Mazzer. I realised if im going to spend 500 on a good grinder, I might as well go the whole 9 yards and get a mazzer, plus my work uses a mazzer which makes it handy as sandy ... They never adjust the grind...10 second pour... mmm... dirty water.... ITS SO SILLY!! I wouldnt drink an esspresso from my work if they paid me...  well, they do :P but hey... Maybe I can teach them how to fish! Instead of catching toadfish

      2. New steam tip, im getting sick of changing the toothpicks every day and it definatly cant be hyginic...

      3. Blind Filter, with mr caffato (I think thats the name of the cleaning powder :P)

      4. Brushes and other random cleaning accessories

      5. Knock box!! (I broke my bin getting the puck out *hides inside paper bag*)

      6. If I have any money left, Ill definatly get a new Pullman Even if my old tamp is alright, pullmans are just sexy

      (7, wish list) : A naked pf! I can see how that would definatly help in tamp technique, aside from also being just sexy :P

      That article was really good Mal! (Id read it before ) It just had some things which conflicted with other things ive heard, such as the frequency at which you should do certain things...but I guess everyone has there own ideas about how things should be done. Will take notes though

      Thanks as always , Trev


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        Re: Cleaning Techniques?

        Originally posted by Trev link=1209824870/0#0 date=1209824870
        Hello all!
        The cows that died for my amusement...

        You will be glad to know there have been a bunch of advancements in the field of cow milking and they can now do it successfully without killing the animal. So froth away mate

        Now if you are putting beef into your coffee.... well thats another story alltogether!


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          Re: Cleaning Techniques?

          HAHAHAHA wow, the cave Ive been living in! ;D Everlasting gobstoppers, and now the everlasting cow!....What will they think of next???