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Expobar Minore II steam power

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  • Expobar Minore II steam power

    I have the new Expobar for just over a month now, couple of days ago had to make coffees for a group of friends so machine was on for two hours non stop during that time steam power dropped gradually to the point that making stretched milk difficult, I checked the water level and it had water in the tank, so is there a problem with my machine? or dry steam in the boiler need times to be replaced after each use.

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    Re: Expobar Minore II steam power

    Doesnt sound right.

    I recently made 6 milks with coffee followed by two hot chocolates all as fast as I could pump them out.
    No problems at all with the steam.

    What did you mean by "was on for two hours non stop"?

    How many coffees did you make over how long?
    Were any long blacks?

    How much water was in ther tank when you looked?
    Ive never seen the steam power drop gradually unless the low water level switch cuts the power.


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      Re: Expobar Minore II steam power

      On my minore the steam boiler only takes a few seconds to get back to pressure after steaming. Im not a milk drinker but I did 3 back to back jugs of milk on the weekend for friends without it breaking a sweat. Perhaps the boiler refill didnt kick in to top up the steam boiler when the water level in it started to drop?


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        Re: Expobar Minore II steam power

        Yeah Summercrema,
        Doesnt sounds totally right. Ive done about 45 coffees back to back running the steam arm concurrently with no real probs. The only time it dropped mid extraction was when the pump kicked in at about coffee 20
        Hmm keep us updated if it keeps happening.


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          Re: Expobar Minore II steam power

          Yep. Same as all above.
          Mine handles back to back steaming with no issues.
          Only thing to consider is what TG alluded to. Were any of the coffees long blacks? IE: Did you draw water from the hot water wand? That will drop the steam pressure as I believe the water comes from the same boiler as the steam. It would be a momentary drop though and not a sustained loss of pressure. And of course, the low water level cutout, but that should be noticable on the Minore II as the led display also blanks when this happens.

          Doesnt sound right. I think you need to contact the seller if it is in warranty. If not, perhaps a sponsor in your area can help.



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            Re: Expobar Minore II steam power

            When you use the hot water tap, the auto-fill kicks in the pump immediately to fill it again. And Im guessing youre not using the hot water tap which drains from the bottom of the steam boiler, and the steam wand at the same time which churns out the top.... all while pulling a shot.

            What is the oddest is that it gradually gets less and less pressure over time. Doesnt make sense there. Does it come back up to pressure? How long does that take? Leaving the machine on for long periods of time isnt at all bad for it. I leave mine on for the whole day on weekends especially.


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              Re: Expobar Minore II steam power

              I agree. Sounds like hot water being extracted for long blacks and or teas etc...... and if the machine is flat out it might not have had sufficient time to recover after the water was extracted from the boiler.... so boiler temperature slowly dropping..... steam pressure slowly falling as well...... These machines cant keep up with that sort of demand (even my 17L of boiling water and 4Kw of heater for recovery feel the pinch if too much hot water is removed - in my case filling a saucepan with boiling water :)

              But if hot water wasnt being removed and the reservoir had plenty of water..... then it sounds like a fault.