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Considering an upgrade from a Rancilllio Silvia

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  • Considering an upgrade from a Rancilllio Silvia

    Hi everyone,  this is my first post and very pleased to have found such a great site!

    After gradually becoming more fascinated (maybe addicted) to the wonderful world of making fine coffee  and being slightly tempted by the looks of a Wega  Lyra I have decided to look carefully before buying and get some advice.

    The Rancillio has been a great machine but it has limitations..........

    With a background in electronics I can fix most things I could be tempted to buy a good used unit.

    But where does one start?  My requirement is domestic and a semi commercial unit would be fine.

    I like Latte so a good seperate boiler for the milk frother is important and one that makes good micro foam

    Ive noticed a few Bezzera 35 machines around and these seem to be highly regarded if so whats a fair price?

    Oh, and one impportant question Id like a quiet machine - is this what you get with  rotary pump? models?

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    Re: Considering an upgrade from a Rancilllio Silvi

    Hi warmtone and welcome to CoffeeSnobs.

    There are some bargains to be had in second hand commercial machines (and unfortunately some lemons).... but they are magnificent IMHO.

    I rebuilt my La Cimbali which was ex cafe.... and like all other twin groups (and larger) can be purchased for a reasonable price....

    If looking for a single group (smaller, less power requirement etc) then these fetch quite a bit more money....

    Have a wander over to the Extreme Machine thread where you will find lots of info re purchasing a used commercial machine..... best brands etc...... and yes, rotary pumps are MUCH quieter!!!!


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      Re: Considering an upgrade from a Rancilllio Silvi

      Hi Warmtone and welcome

      First thing "What is your budget including extras"

      I started looking at the Silvia or VBM Levetta but my wife had other ideas and we got the Bezzera Domus and very happy with it

      The main thing is get the best machine you can afford with the features you want because you will lose on most occasions every time you want to upgrade so limit your upgrades by getting a good reliable machine in the first place "used or new"

      I agree with JavaB that some 2 group machines are less expensive than single group (its supply and demand) so if you have the room why not. Note it will need to be plumbed in

      As for noise it realy comes down to how many soft furnishings that you have as a sparce room will always make any sound louder?

      Sometimes sponsors will put specials for CS members
      Also members will sell machines they no longer need so check out the equipment for sale section

      Good Luck
      Koffee Kosmo