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  • Hello

    Hi Snobs.

    I am new around here but have been obsessed by capturing the perfect coffee at home. I have lived with french press, moka pots and for the last 6 years a ECM Giotto. The Giotto needed repairs. I weakened and last week bought the La Cimbali Junior S and Mazzer Mini. All I can say is wow!! These are two solid bits of kit. The steam power is phenomenal. I am still adjusting to life without the E61 machine but my shots are getting better. I think they are now at least the equal of what I could get from the Giotto. The Mazzer is also a wonder. I previously had a Rocky which was great value but I am loving the stepless grinding of the Mazzer.

    I now know that if my espresso is below par it must be the beans or me because I sure can not blame the hardware.

    Welcome Mouse tail [smiley=thumbsup.gif],

    Please ensure that attached images are sized to a max of 640x480 pixels as this reduces the amount of scrolling required in most browsers.... Can be a pain when using ~17" monitors


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    Re: Hello

    very shiny!
    awesome purchase
    good luck with them god shots



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      Re: Hello

      Thanks Aaron. It will never be as shiny again.

      I think that the gear does bring the coffee closer to God. I am sure that I would be meeting God right now if my wife knew exactly how much it all cost!! To be fair, she is very tolerant of my expensive obsessions (and me of hers)


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        Re: Hello

        Very nice setup and looks like you sourced it from Supreme in Perth - where I got my Silvia a few years ago.



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          Re: Hello

          Thats the place. I live about 10 minutes from them. Good for after sales support, spares etc.

          I have often gone to them for gaskets and other bits for the Giotto. I always used to daydream about the Juniors they had on display. Cant quite believe I now have one on the kitchen bench.

          I see you also like the 5 Senses beans. Have you tried the Epic Blend? It is my current fave.