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Wega Mininova?

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  • Wega Mininova?

    Great site, I am learning a lot here.
    I am in the process of making the jump from a four year old Silvia to a two grand plus machine.

    Prefer something with a stainless steel chassis, and the VBM domobar and Makin look good.

    But the wega is available at a good price and is hard to find good info on it. Anodised steel chassis. It looks OK, has a good finish, though not the groovy open e61 look. I basically just make four coffees every morning-two espressos, two lattes. Not much use the rest of the time. Quick startup would be good. I read that some wegas run a bit hot?

    Anyone had any experience?

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    Re: Wega Mininova?

    Me and my Makin, what can I say?
    Ive had my Makin since November and I must say: I am extremely happy with my machine.
    Please check with Chris from Talk Coffee and he will give you all the advice you need
    and a good deal as well! Good luck on your journey!


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      Re: Wega Mininova?

      In this pointy end most of us, if not all, are very happy with our HX machines.
      I jumped from a Silvia to a Giotto Rocket.  It was pimped by Chris at Talk Coffee and I am very please with it.  
      It runs at the right temp, does not need a cooling flush, has a great head of steam.  The outside is SS but I think it has a normal steel chassis.  I have noticed that it is quite dry inside, underneath and under the drip tray so there is no rust potential.
      It is not a make you mentioned but I thought I would comment.  As far as I can gather parts are readily available.   Of course nothing can equal Silvia for her web knowledge base and information.

      It make awesome espresso
      and microfroth

      --- but then so do most HX machines in this price bracket.



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        Re: Wega Mininova?

        Yep. As above, at the HX(or dual boiler) level, whats not to like?
        I love my Expobar.
        Best bet is to go and use them. You might find that 2 or 3 are close on looks, but 1 might stand out to you.

        Nothing beats playing with them!


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          Re: Wega Mininova?

          Yep same here but in my case I got a Bezzera HX machine as my first machine because my uncle sold the cafe and the free coffees stopped

          Look at the Bezzera line

          But whatever machine you get make sure you team it up with a good grinder to get the best from them



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            Re: Wega Mininova?

            Thanks all.

            I really do need to take a day off work and go play with a few; interesting that rust is unlikely to be an issue- Ive had to scrape and clean up some rust on my silvia, steam and water seem to get below the drip tray easily.
            But if the top end machines stay dry, then I have a lot more to choose from!

            Ive got the sunbeam grinder-which died recently (power just stopped) and is being replaced free of charge-though there has been no stock for two months.
            Ill be offloading it and going for a doserless grinder-probably macap or compak.

            Would all be a lot easier if I lived in Melbourne! (Im in Brisbane)


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              Re: Wega Mininova?

              I am in Brisbane also Tannin

              If you live near to Coopers Plains go and see Chris at Barazi and trial his machines
              If you like to talk PM me and we can exchange Ph ###