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  • Newbie needs help

    Hey people,
    long time reader, first time poster. Great forum by the way!!
    Suffering a renewed case of the Espresso bug. Worked in a cafe throughout Uni days , so I know my way around a machine ( or at least I thought so ). An old mate recently bought a Rancilio Silvia, and impressed me with the quality of his espresso and lattes. Was set to buy one until I saw him try to make more than two lattes at a small family get together!! This spark led me to the internet.
    There is a huge amount of information about machines, my head is about to explode. Every time I think Ive decided on a machine, I read something which makes me change my mind.
    My head tells me that, for the price, nothing comes close to the Expobar minore II . Its a twin boiler and thermostable - BUT ugly and there are some question marks regarding reliability.
    My heart tells me the VBM domobar super. Its a great design, built to last but requires me to do the hx cooling flush routine!
    I would probably be teaming it with a Mazzer mini!

    Is the added complexity of the Minore worth it in the long run? Is the HX cooling flush routine easy to master? Which is the better investment for the next decade?


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    Re: Newbie needs help

    Cooling flush is not a big issue and only takes 5 to 10 seconds
    Also cleans the group head of any stray grounds as well as a bonus



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      Re: Newbie needs help

      The domobar super doesnt run as hot as some other HXs.

      Unless the machine is left idle for hours, there is hardly any need for a cool flush.

      shot to shot its just a 2-3 second flush just like any other machine to clean the group before brewing.

      Each machine has its own pros and cons. Both will perform well.