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  • Help.. Air Lock?

    Hi guys, I finally plumbed in the Wega today, using a one-way valve (right way around!!,) 350kpa, filter etc. Problem is i think i have an air lock......Its not pushing water through the group or the water wand and the pump sounds a little funny.
    The whole machine was working fine last week, i pulled some shots using an external water tank etc. After my problems today i hooked it back up to an external tank thinking that the pressure reducer could be too restrictive but it made no difference. Does anyone know how/if i can bleed this thing.

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    Re: Help.. Air Lock?

    Sorted.... It was actually a blockage in the inlet side of the pump - the metal sieve was full of a dark linty slimy looking filth. This is what i believed to be the sequence of events that led to this.
    • Lack of previous filtration
    • A touch of fine carbon from the new filter was filtered by the stuff living in pump inlet  (about 100mls of filter flush went into the machine before i remembered it is best to run water through the filter into the sink for a couple of minutes)
    • Combination of the media totally clogging the inlet starving the pump

    Pics part way through...

    All done, much happier now. Was probably good to take the machine a part a bit and get familiar with it. I  found out it has a very handy boiler drainage valve and fitting at the base


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      Re: Help.. Air Lock?

      Oh, and something else i found really handy for any other wega owners, this parts catalouge has some nice exploded views