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The Elusive Diadema Regal

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  • The Elusive Diadema Regal

    Is anyone able to provide a photo of this machine? It has been discussed a few times but I am yet to find a photo of it. Even a Google search provides nothing.  :-? Shops appear to sell and provide photos of others in the Diadema range but not this one. Whats up? Thanks.

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    Re: The Elusive Diadema Regal

    Here you have it

    (see pdf)

    AFAIK the real name of the machine (well, at least in Europe) is Reale. real manufacturer is Royal First, a division of BFC.


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      Re: The Elusive Diadema Regal

      here you go.

      Check with Charlie or Deb @ Jetblack Espresso (or us at CosmoreX Coffee as the models importer if you wish).

      Unfortunately the photo is not of the quality it should be....whilst the blurb below says that max attachment size is 2000 kb, it wouldnt let me load the original sized photo @ 1200 kb.....Che?

      The machine is simply stunning with its lovely rounded curves in high quality highly polished stainless steel.


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        Re: The Elusive Diadema Regal

        Really nice machine 8-)

        Even better is that most (all?) of Attilios stock is in 2L boiler configuration for extra grunt....

        It looks even better in the metal...



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          Re: The Elusive Diadema Regal

          Chubby shiny little sucker isnt it . Thanks.


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            Re: The Elusive Diadema Regal

            A couple of clarifications in view of otons post above:

            Yes the proper name of the machine is REALE. It means REGAL in Italian.

            The correct pronunciation of REALE if we break it down into "Oz-Speak" is......RAY-ARE-LEH.

            However I doubt thats ever going to happen with most people over here seeing the name written down being much more likely to pronounce it as the "REEL".

            To our way of thinking, to have this fantastic machine being called a "REEL" misses the point completely.

            So over here, we decided to call it the REGAL instead, which as explained is the english language translation of the machines proper name.

            The machine is manufactured by BFC.  BFC and Royal are one and the same manufacturer, but represent two different company names.

            Hope this clarifies the situation.

            Attilio @
            CosmoreX Coffee
            first / original CS site sponsor.


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              Re: The Elusive Diadema Regal

              Wow! that is SOME link. Eye candy.
              So...I am hearing that Diadema is not the company that makes it? Diadema is just one of several model ranges made by BFC??
              What do we know about BFC?


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                Re: The Elusive Diadema Regal

                Gday Rocky,

                Heres BFCs machine lineup...



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                  Re: The Elusive Diadema Regal

                  BFC stands for

                  B = first initial of owner surname
                  F = first initial of owner spouse (business partner) surname
                  C = Construzioni (constructions)

                  Manufacturer of some very very nice espresso machines.

                  Owns various company / trade / brand names and constructs various model ranges from  a modern, very well appointed HQ in northern Italy.  

                  While other manufacturers (including some very well known names) have been suffering various problems with their direction and production and market share in the last 10 years, BFC has been quietly going about its business with head down and tail up, increasing production and sales worldwide, and is still growing. It favours  a "softly softly" approach to selling its products.

                  You may be interested to know that in Germany, The Diadema Junior is the market leader in its class. The German market is way bigger than Oz and one of the largest in Europe.

                  In Europe the Reale  is marketed through the "Royal" company / brand name but here my "Regals" are marketed under the Diadema brand name ie they have a Diadema sticker on the body.

                  Hope this helps.

                  Incidentally......the Regal is a really beautiful machine with usual great performance. Build quality is better than most....this is typical BFC style. build it good from day 1, with very little  fan fare....and they will buy it.

                  Your Perfetta is a good example of their philosophy Rocky.



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                    Re: The Elusive Diadema Regal

                    Thanks Mal & Attilio, Im one of those who likes to know a bit about my machinery & its history - adds to the appreciation of the final outcome. I couldnt be happier with my Perfetta.