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  • Quickmill Anita?

    Hey guys, Ive been keeping up with this forum since (without knowing it) you all talked me into buying an EM6910 less than six months ago.

    Since then my coffee snobbery has come in leaps and bounds. Im now looking at picking up a pointy end machine and a Mazzer Super Jolly to go with it. All of the usual suspects are in the line up, and Ill not bore you with once more saying theyre all very similar. However, Im in NZ and over here weve got a machine called the Rinke Delphi, which Ive discovered is a rebranded Quickmill Anita.

    Over at CoffeeGeek and HomeBarista this machine has been getting some really nice reviews, and retails in the same ballpark as the VBM Domobar Super and the Rocket, but Ive never seen it discussed here?

    Is this machine just rebranded under yet another name in Aussie? Or does any one have any hands on experience with this machine?

    Many thanks =D

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    Re: Quickmill Anita?

    Considered La Scala Butterfly Lever?

    I saw one of these in the flesh and it looks very nice. They rate well too. It has a larger boiler that the Giotto and it was cheaper.

    Very nearly brought one too but Mrs Squirrel had a handfull of nuts and we got a Giotto

    Nice review on the butterly here

    Enjoy your new toy when you get it.


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      Re: Quickmill Anita?

      Welcome to CS, Warmess.

      The Quickmill appear to be very scarce over here. Not sure if theyre re-branded - dont believe so.

      Before diving in :

      * make sure you give it a good test run, along with other possibles
      * make sure there is good local back-up service (warranty, repairs, parts).

      Looks a decent machine from the US sites, hopefully performs as well with NZ specs?


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        Re: Quickmill Anita?

        Unfortunately it seems like there are very few shops over here that stock a range of machines. Most shops/cafes only stock one type of pointy end machine. From my research Im only able to truly test out the Rocket.

        @Squirrelgrip - Thanks, Ive never actually seen that one, but it looks quite nice, Ill add it to the list. Though I see myself most probably going down the same road as you, ending up with a Rocket

        Seems odd they arent that common in Aussie, I havent read much bad about them :O


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          Re: Quickmill Anita?

          Originally posted by 0533203F372121520 link=1245659083/3#3 date=1245738055
          Though I see myself most probably going down the same road as you, ending up with a Rocket
          You could do a hell of a lot worse than kit up with one of these and a matching quality grinder "Warmess"... They are a top class unit in terms of design, engineering and manufacturing quality and will last you all your coffee-drinking life. And they are so darn pretty to look at.... 8-)

          Welcome to CoffeeSnobs too mate.... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]



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            Re: Quickmill Anita?

            Originally posted by 53657669617777040 link=1245659083/3#3 date=1245738055
            @Squirrelgrip - Thanks, Ive never actually seen that one, but it looks quite nice 
            On the performance v price point v aesthetics v reliability equation, Im very pleased with my Butterfly.

            Im only aware of one supplier in Aust, Melbourne based and will ship to NZ.  Perhaps he has exclusive distribution rights?

            A very knowledgeable person but sadly, without the temperament for retail sales.  


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              Re: Quickmill Anita?

              The Giotto is brilliant even when partnered with the Sunbeam 4800 grinder its pulls better shots than the 6900 ever could. So its a step up. Not Ideal by any streach but still I get to drink nice coffees. Certainly better than most Cafes. I still get around a 25 sec pour with loads of crema.

              Next on the list of must haves is a Mini Mazzer grinder. 8-)