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  • Thoughts, opinions, ideas sought

    Hi all
    Im a newbie and this is my first post and Im nervous :-[ (dont want to write the wrong thing).
    In short, Im in the market (fingers xd) for a great coffee machine and grinder.
    After weeks + hours of research on this site etc I have a very short list of the path I am heading down.
    1. GPP
    2. DJExtra or Regal
    3. Vibiemme Domobar Super
    These choices have all been made purely from reading reviews and looking at the pretty pictures : as I live regionally and am 4 hours away from Melbs or Adels.
    However, this week I am heading up to Melbs and will visit Chris from Talk Coffee and have a look and play. (Just want to mention Im a teensy weensy bit excited )
    Anyway, Im no coffeesnob and when I read all the techi stuff Im definitely a layperson - but... I do know I like to drink good tasting coffee...
    Just so you know will be drinking mainly cappucino style coffee so milk froth is important. I am keen to learn the art of pulling a good shot etc but at the end of the day I just want to be able to make a good coffee without too much hoo ha.
    I am diving in the deep end with this purchase but I am hoping that this set up will last the long haul - I dont want to be upgrading in the near future
    Im interested to hear ur thoughts etc on these machines and also whether there are others that I should also consider. I do realise this decision will all come down to my personal preference etc but Im just keen to hear from other CS.
    Im also aware that the grinder I choose is very important too... (hey u couldnt accuse me of being uninformed ;D) so thoughts on that too would be much apreciated, I was thinking along the lines of mini mazzer. Budget for both would be $3,500 max.
    Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you all soon

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    Re: Thoughts, opinions, ideas sought

    Welcome CP

    Those machines seem to be at the top of most CSers HX short-list. You wont go wrong with the GPP and it is dream to texture milk with.

    Happy hunting! What grinder will you get. Chris will probably suggest pairing it with a Mazzer Mini or Macap M4 but uncross those fingers and try to make sure you dont compromise too much on what the heart and wallet are telling you.


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      Re: Thoughts, opinions, ideas sought

      Welcome "coffee=personality"..... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

      Going to a specialist coffee professional like Talk Coffee and Chris is the best thing you can do. Youve got a budget that will set you up with a very, very nice home-coffee-bar and Chris is a great bloke to deal with. You cant beat a hands-on demo with the machines on your short-list and Chris should just about have all of them lined up ready to go for you.

      All the best mate and dont forget to come back and show us what you bought. We all love photos of bright, shiny new coffee equipment around here.... ;D



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        Re: Thoughts, opinions, ideas sought

        I dove in the deep end too and have been pleased with my purchases since day 1.
        Chris will help you as he did me.

        Welcome to CS.


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          Re: Thoughts, opinions, ideas sought

          Thanks guys!

          Good to know Im heading down the right path. I was a bit worried I was getting tunnel vision for the 3 I listed. Im sure theres plenty of worthy machines out there

          I look forward to sharing my new obsession with u all soon


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            Re: Thoughts, opinions, ideas sought

            I have that same setup as you were thinking about... the GPP and Mazzer Mini. I have been extremely please with this purchase. It is enormously easy to texture milk and you can pull great consistent shots. Highly reccommend it.

            However, I would recommend you visit one of the shops to have a play before you make any purchases. This is so you can get to know the feel of each of these machines and see which one you would like to be making great coffees on for the next umpteen years.



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              Re: Thoughts, opinions, ideas sought

              I also went the path of a great machine & grinder from the get go
              With the Bezzera Galatea & Macap M4D grinder I have been making beautiful coffee from day one both are worth every cent

              As for reliability after 1.5 years nothing but a group seal has been replaced on the Bezzera

              Good luck and happy shopping


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                Re: Thoughts, opinions, ideas sought

                Now adding Bezzera Galatea to the list to look at


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                  Re: Thoughts, opinions, ideas sought

                  Go for the prettiest one!

                  They all do a fantastic job.
                  Or you could go with whichever is on special at the time and use any surplus money for a nice grinder/tamper/jug/bag of coffee/etc... Those accessorie$ do add up


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                    Re: Thoughts, opinions, ideas sought

                    Hi C=P
                    All mentioned are great machines - I loved the curvy lines and build quality of the Diadema and the M4 is a lovely grinder - but really at this end of the scale the differences are split hairs - the great thing with all these machines is that they disappear into the background of the process and let you focus on your technique and the actual coffee differences - and I love that! No more frustrations with the gear (two minutes to froth a jug of milk while the shot goes cold, or the machine choking when you tamp 5g too hard ;D) but simply working on things you can fix - the nut on the end on the flavours you prefer in the cup!

                    Happy hunting!


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                      Re: Thoughts, opinions, ideas sought

                      I was in the same boat as you a few months ago, but I did spend a lot of time on here researching and reading posts and that helped me come up with what I was willing to spend.

                      I ended up getting 2 second hand machines (grinder + expobar) from here and thoroughly enjoy them.

                      One thing I should mention (as did skelly) is that probably like me you have no other coffee equipment, so factor that in to your budget as you will spend a few $$ on those. Eg cups, tamper, milk jugs, cleaners, knock box, and a course is highly recommended.

                      I think I started on the lower end simply because of budget and also I wanted to make sure that I really did want to do this. I am very happy and enjoy experimenting and making my own coffee, and already looking to upgrade. ;D Am trying to stop myself until I at least have it for a year.

                      Good luck in your choice.


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                        Re: Thoughts, opinions, ideas sought

                        Hey people
                        I am now the proud owner of a Rocket GPP (well almost, just waiting for new GPP stock to arrive) and a Macap M4D. Woop Woop
                        Many thanks to Chris from Talk Coffee.
                        Honestly, it was a tough choice and I really dont think I would have gone wrong with any of the choices I was considering - theyre all great machines. I felt pretty lucky to be able to stand there and make that choice.
                        At the end of the day I had to go with my gut/heart feeling and that kept on leaning towards the GPP. I cant wait to get it.
                        As for the grinder, well.. I just couldnt resist the Macap M4D oops, spent a bit more than I meant too but... these things happen right??
                        Now its time for the accessories :
                        And the journey begins


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                          Re: Thoughts, opinions, ideas sought

                          Congrats on the new machine and wishing you many years of good coffee
                          Remember to clean regularly

                          And I often say we wait for you with anticipation on when you will start home roasting
                          Its a natural coffee snob progression



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                            Re: Thoughts, opinions, ideas sought

                            Thx KK and youre right - I was talking about home roasting to Chris today and I said I could see myself developing an interest in that area (as my partner rolled his eyes and said where would that fit?) ha ha. First things first, best learn the art of a good espresso i think.


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                              Re: Thoughts, opinions, ideas sought

                              Originally posted by 4E44514646495D5B280 link=1249695636/1#1 date=1249696267
                              Those machines seem to be at the top of most CSers HX short-list
                              Just wanted to remind you that you dont actually speak for "most CSers" - these would be toward the bottom of others who like the Minore (temp control) the Isomacs (price, style, flick-taps), Bezzera (rock solid build quality & VFM).

                              Maybe Im KenFoxing a dead horse here - but unless youve used more than one HX machine for a decent amount of time, its pretty suss to say its better than the ones youre comparing it to.