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    I think this may be a new entry into the market (but I could be wrong). It sells for about $2,500. Does anyone know how it stacks up against the other brands in this class and whether its a HX machine?

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    Re: Sanremo Treviso

    Originally posted by 1D2F231C4E0 link=1250990457/0#0 date=1250990457
    I think this may be a new entry into the market (but I could be wrong). It sells for about $2,500.  Does anyone know how it stacks up against the other brands in this class and whether its a HX machine?
    hmm...It appears that the vibe pump version has a 1.05L boiler - too small IMHO to make a passable HX machine.

    I think youd be better off with a Bezzera BZ07 or Diadema Regal 1.3L boiler. Both have better specs, better pricing and waaaay less external plastic...



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      Well I've finally 'graded from the old Sunbeam 6910: (ie, not yet sure if it was up- or down-)

      Got myself a used Sanremo Treviso off Gumtree, for a song. E61 full group, HX, vibe pump & tank.

      My initial impression is that it looks the goods, but there are a few niggles. From a design standpoint, they have unnecessarily (in my view) rounded the front and back of the machine, meaning that its deeper than it needs to be by 2-3 inches. The old Sunbeam sat flat against the kitchen wall and stayed out of the way. This one could have done the same - instead I have to push it into the corner and relocate the grinder. Not too bad.

      Another one is the steam wand - fairly rudimentary. It has a rotary joint, not the ball joint that I am used to, so its harder to get it out of the way, or pick your perfect wand angle. I believe the latest versions have a ball, and I am investigating upgrading to one. The nozzle is a two hole, and makes a muck of the milk. Have plugged the lowest one with a toothpick, and now getting better (if slower) results. Also, the nozzle is fairly flat on the bottom with a sharp edge, which means a bit harder to wipe clean than a rounded one.

      Finally, I would have liked to be able to get mugs under the group, not just cups, but that problem is common to many other machines, I believe. nothing that good design couldnt fix.

      I have a feeling there is a problem. The flowrate of water coming out of the group has steadily decreased to almost nothing in the fortnight I have owned it (from 80mL in 30 secs, down to 20mL, with no portafilter attached), while the drip tray is rapidly filling. There is a low pressure pipe coming from an 'expansion valve' (according to the parts breakdown) under the boiler, leading to a spout above the drip tray (obscured by the aluminium extrusion on the LHS) and water flows from it steadily when you flick up the group lever and engage the pump, while you wait a while for anything to appear at the group head. There is no telling what the extraction pressure is, as the pressure gauge only tells you the boiler pressure. (As an aside, the rotary pump version comes with a double scale pressure gauge that gives boiler & extraction pressures in one unit).

      Any ideas what the problem might be? faulty expansion valve?
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        The problem of low water volume from the group head has gotten worse to the point that now there is no water coming out. Its all going into the drip tray via the tube.

        Additional information, is that as well as being connected to an 'expansion valve' below the boiler, this overflow tube is also connected to a moveable collar below the pressure switch, on top of the boiler.

        What is going on? surely someone has had a similar problem, with a machine that has a boiler and an e61 group.
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          Sanremo Treviso - Problem! Help!

          Hey guys, what does it take to get an answer? I'm considering creating a new thread including the words PROBLEM, HELP etc in the subject.

          Additional info to above: when attempting to run water through the group, the water is definitely coming out of the lower expansion valve below the boiler - nothing to do with the pressure switch outlet. This was checked by separating the hoses.

          Also, considering there would be theoretically no resistance to water coming out an open group, the expansion valve below the boiler would have to be completely dead, however I cannot blow through it even with the best part of 100 PSI (6.9 bar)from my air compressor (not the full pressure due to air input sealing problems).

          I can put my finger over the spout going to the drip tray and totally stall the pump, so I think the pump is either perfectly OK or sufficiently OK, since it can manage to push through the expansion valve, which I believe is OK.

          To paint a picture of how the high-pressure side works: pressure comes from the pump to a manifold, which has two outlets: a solenoid valve, and what is probably a check valve to prevent hot water going back to the pump. The check valve line goes to a tee that connects both to the expansion valve and drip tray, and the bottom of the thermosiphon system for the e61 group (its a heat exchanger machine). The soleniod valve output goes directly to the bottom of the boiler, and I assume is the boiler fill pipe.

          on that basis, the only thing I can think of to stop water coming through the group, is a blockage somewhere in the group. I have removed both the top and the bottom of the group apparatus, and there is nothing obviously blocked and not much scaling. Operating the cam handle definitely opens the top valve, a bit, at least. The bottom is not really relevant as its the pressure release side.

          I approached Sanremo Australia about this problem, and to purchase a spare part (the steam wand mentioned earlier). They are very slow to respond to a sales enquiry, and the level of technical assistance could be higher. I outlined virtually everything above, and in response they offered to sell me another expansion valve nicked from a different machine.

          so: problem! Help!

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            Might I suggest you make contact with an appropriately qualified coffee machine tech?


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              Agreed. You got it for a 'song', spend some of your savings getting a qualified person to look at it rather than people who have never seen this model giving you a best guess.


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                Both reasonable suggestions, thanks, but not the reason I posted this question on a public forum. For someone accustomed to fixing his own things, it's not only cost effective, its satisfying and a form of hobby. I have the old Sunbeam to fuel my morning coffee shot, so at this point paying to get it fixed is not next on the list. I might do that when other avenues dont turn up anything, but given that I happen to be out of work at the moment, thanks to a massive downturn in the Perth engineering scene, it may not be soon.

                The reason I posted the exclamation-mark-laden missive above is that I was genuinely surprised that there was no response, since it doesnt match with my experience with previous posts. There was always someone willing to chip in. I figured it was because the thread didnt have a lurid title attracting attention, not that I'm the first person to have this problem and attempt to fix it.

                The fact that it is not a common model does not mean it does not share common parts and method of functioning with other machines. After all, all E61 machines have a 'similar' group, a boiler, a pump and some valves that are, in the main, 'off the shelf' components, not proprietary gizmos, so I figured that someone, somewhere had a similar problem and has an idea how to fix it! I'l be happy to hear someone's 'best guess'.



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                  Hi Meetim,

                  If you need parts do try contacting site sponsor coffee parts. Their are always happy to help, perhaps they can let you know equivalent spare parts that you can use to fix your machine. Good luck!


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                    Thanks Bazooka, I'm in favour of that suggestion. I've heard good things about them. I did take a look previously and noted that the sanremo was not listed, however as you say, possible equivalent parts. Just have to figure out what parts... :-)


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                      Take the top mushroom fitting (big nut) off the group (with the machine COLD, no steam pressure or pump pressure), then turn it on and run the group. If water flows out the top, likely the blockage is in the restrictor jet inside the mushroom assembly under the smaller nut. If no water flows, the blockage will be inside the HX somewhere. Doubt its anything to do with the expansion valve.


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                        E61 group problem - Fixed!

                        Thanks, Coffee Machinist.

                        Performed the test and water came out of the top of the group. The problem turned out to be a blocked jet under the smaller nut. Soaked the large nut component in citric acid solution for a while to loosen any scale, then unscrewed the jet using a 7mm socket. Used a sewing pin to remove the scale on the top of the jet and push anything out of the hole. Now I get plenty of water out of the group and nothing bypassing into the tray.

                        Thanks again.


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                          I think it should be mentioned that any intervention wrt the group gigleur (jet) should be done extremely carefully.

                          Any enlargement of the jet will result in a quicker more voluminous flow through the group for a given time, and that means a cooler brew temp.

                          So pls go easy when poking things into the jet.

                          Hope that helps.