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San Marino CKX spare part~

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  • San Marino CKX spare part~


    Can anyone tell me what is the circled part called? Also, what is the part number from coffeepart?

    It is at the top of the boiler in my San Marino CKX. Its leaking or bubbling water out of it when the boiler is turned on for the day . Can someone also teach me how to change that? Any precaution?


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    Re: San Marino CKX spare part~

    Here is a better picture~~~

    Another question, what is the part (circled in blue) does ?


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      Re: San Marino CKX spare part~

      A closer look
      The one at the right is the part that have gas leaking and water bubbling issues


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        Re: San Marino CKX spare part~

        Is it a "safety valve" or an "anti vaccum valve"? Im talking about the part which circled in red


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          Re: San Marino CKX spare part~

          Id say the leaking part is the vacuum breaker, the blue circled part looks like the pressure adjustment screw.

          These are guesses as Ive never had a San Marino apart--hopefully a expert will be along to confirm, or to educate us both.



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            Re: San Marino CKX spare part~

            At a glance Tony,

            It looks to be the Anti-Vacuum Valve. These will spit and bubble a little as the Boiler heats up but once the steam production is sufficient, the valve should seat under pressure and all further sounds or observations of apparent leakage should stop.

            If yours is leaking continuously with the Boiler up to normal temperature and pressure, then the valve will need to be either replaced or reconditioned. Since they are quite cheap to buy, youre probably better off just buying a replacement this time around and then recondition the old one so youre ready for the next time...

            CoffeeParts have them here... part #618968 . Would also be worth your while to grab a replacement washer/gasket too, part #524554.

            I dont know what the part circled in Blue is.... It could be an OPV but that is just a guess... :-?

            All the best,