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  • Elektra Micro Casa A Leva

    My aldi machine has done a group seal do it might be time to upgrade to a serious machine. Ive like the look of the Elektra Micro Casa A Leva, are they any good?

    I saw a few youtube clips of people pouring shots with this machine and the pour time looked very long - about 1min. Is that typical for this machine or are they grinding too fine/packing too hard....etc?

    Ive read that it takes a lot of practice to get a great espresso out of them.

    Would like to hear comments from anybody who owns this elektra model.

    Where can i buy this machine from?


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    Re: Elektra Micro Casa A Leva

    Hi Andrew...I have one of these beautiful machines...they do take a bit of mastering but after a few days you can make amazing clean coffee..extraction can take around 25-30 seconds..I believe the machine is for the purist and is no good if you want to make 5-6 coffees in a row...The Elektra gets hot after 3 pulls... steam is amazing however and is perfect for frothing.. very low maintenance and will last a lifetime..
    Quite economical with coffee as well with a 49mm portafilter..double basket is easier to use than the single...only take 8-10 minutes to heat up..
    I use a La Pavoni machine during the week because I can leave that on all the time and my Elektra during the must switch the Elektra off after use..

    So if you want to dress up your bench top and get a few wows plus extract some of the best shots you will ever taste then the MicroCasa A Leva is your go...good resale as well..


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      Re: Elektra Micro Casa A Leva

      I prefer the La Pavoni; as they are different machines. The Electra is a load and release spring mechanism and the Pavoni is a manual pull. Both are great but take a long time to master.
      I have swapped and changed between many machines - but my heart will always stay with the Pavoni - I guess each to their own. Both are an excellent choice.

      Cheers, Greg


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        Re: Elektra Micro Casa A Leva


        Youtube is good seeing what these lever things are like. Search also for LaPavoni lever and Europiccolo and see the shots these produce and the palaver that goes into making a shot.
        Its worth it though. I have a 2nd hand 1970s Europiccolo and its real fun. The Electra would be nice too.

        See if you can meet up with a CSer with one to have a play with one.



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          Re: Elektra Micro Casa A Leva

          By la pavoni I dont mean that I use a LP lever machine during the week, my LP is a HX machine...I wouldnt own a La Pavoni lever machine if you gave me one...most of the coffee forums are full of questions about broken LPs.. I have used a LP lever and compared to an Elektra Mcal they are like chalk & cheese...Elektra is quality all the way..I should have added in my last post that parts & seals are available from 2-3 outlets..By simply removing 2 hex screws you can remove the grouphead seals & spring for lubricating...very easy compared to the LP lever... only one choice when buying a lever machine, Elektra!..[runs ducking for cover!!] ;Dwinners are grinners!