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  • Autofill probe

    Hi guys,
    Ive been watching the forums for a while and have gotten some great tips, so thanks to all the guys and gals here.

    I had a question about the autofill probe.
    I have a HX machine, and was wondering if anyone has any advice on the length hat the autofill probe is pushed into the boiler.

    I believe that if you pull it out of the boiler by 10mm or so, it allows more water into the boiler, but then because the volume of gas in the boiler is reduced, the steaming power is reduced, so you have to readjust pressure stat setting.

    Has anyone had a play with the autofill probe?

    I havent had the courage to do it, so I thought Id ask in the forum.

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    Re: Autofill probe

    Sounds about right.

    WHY would you want to do it?


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      Re: Autofill probe

      Hi Thunder,
      I have read in one of these forums, that the length of HX exposed to the boiler water affects the final output temperature of the brew water.

      I was wondering if anyone had bothered to play with the level of water in their boiler, and what effects they have had on output brew water temperatures.

      Just asking because instead of turning the presure stat up, raising the autofill level might slightly increase the brew temperture by virtue of the greater length of HX pipe exposed to the boiler water, and so it would increase out put temp.

      Just an out of the blue question.
      Obviously no one has thought it worthwhile doing.



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        Re: Autofill probe

        i think you would get more (slightly) temp stability increasing the amount of water as the thermal mass of the water may have an effect.

        the amount of water you put through the HX might effect this as well, might have no effect on 1 or 2 shots, but a fast run of 30 on a 2 grp might show a difference?

        but increasing the water is said to reduce the steam a bit, and also make it "wetter".

        so it might be a trade off, that 30 shot run might need lots of good steam......

        OH and welcome Apple


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          Re: Autofill probe

          The autofill probe should not be too high.. like maheel said, the steam will be wet and spurts a lot...

          i once forgot to push the probe back down after fiddling the innards of my HX.. took me a long time and some help from fellow CSers to get the steam dry again..


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            Re: Autofill probe

            Thanks for the replies guys.
            I didnt even think about the issue of wet steam.
            Looks like it probably not worth fiddling with.