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looking to upgrade - any suggestions please

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  • looking to upgrade - any suggestions please


    I am looking to upgrade my machine for a xmas pressie to myself ! (something very functional for a change), I thought I would come onto this site which I have visited previously and come up with a recommendation. Way too many option/variables for me to do that so thought I would ask for some advice.

    Heres my profile and spec!

    - I have a sunbeam cafe expresso machine, it has been really good to introduce me to what real coffee should taste like (cant remember the model number but choice magazine said it made a decent shot and I would say it does).

    - moved on from the coffee grounds onto grinding my own beans after reading a lot at this site. wasnt quite ready to make the big leap so went for a hand grinder (kyocera) to see what difference that made. It made a huge difference ! and has gave me the taste to go further. Have to say I quite like the grinder and in some ways, wandering around in the morning putting the beans in the grinder and hand-grinding is something I imagine is maybe akin to a japanese tea-making ritualistic experience !- I quite enjoy it and since I only make coffee for either myself and my wife 98% of the time its not really that inconvenient. I guess however I should upgrade if i am looking to get a high-spec machine as I do understand that the grinder is very important

    - budget , 2-3 k, my reasoning (on a lot of things not just coffee machines) is if i am going to spend some money I should buy a good quality machine that will last me for a long time (20 years ?!?) and I wont outgrow. I do like well-built , quality appliances and as for appearance i kinda like industrial design type appliances rather than glitzy packaging if that makes sense.

    - As mentioned above generally only two coffees a day with 4 on sat and sunday , pretty much every day its very much part of our daily routine. I like expressos but my wife prefers milk in her expresso and i do sometimes as well in the morning .

    - milk frothing , i done think i would ever be doing this at the same time as i pour the coffee and anything decent in this feature would be ok.

    - grinder, if i was to get one of these which will probably be a recommendation I would want a fairly compact one I guess for bench space. the budget for this could be over and above the machine but probably maxing out close to 3.5 maybe 4 if the additional money was worth it/jusitifed

    - i live in perth

    I think thats it , thanks for reading this far and hopefully i will be having lots of nice expressos on xmas morning !


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    Re: looking to upgrade - any suggestions please

    Welcome to CS kenny,

    Its espresso, BTW...

    Might I suggest you use the email sponsors link with your brief for some advice? Many sponsors will freight to WA and some have service facilities there are well.

    Happy shopping



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      Re: looking to upgrade - any suggestions please

      Hi Ken, and welcome to CoffeeSnobs.

      Most of the HX machines recommended by others on this site, and the associated grinders, will fit handily into your budget.

      If you dont have a sponsor locally, then I highly recommend a talk to Chris at Talk Coffee who will steer you right. After that its a hands-on trial if you can manage, or just a healthy read of brochures and a look at pictures to find the one that attracts you the most. All machines have some differences, and which ones fit you is a matter of personal choice.

      Remember to find out about service too.

      Since you already know about grinders we wont need to "push" you on that subject.

      While I have no personal experience of using my Kyocera with my home equipment (the Macap does a brilliant job) I have heard that it is suitable for machines of some worth. And the "Zen of Coffee Ritual" is definitely important.

      One thing though--unfortunately, in the price bracket at which you are looking, bling is standard. ;D



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        Re: looking to upgrade - any suggestions please

        Your best bet is to have a search on the forum, there is tonnes of info on selecting the right machine, from what you have said, you may get away with a single boiler dual purpose machine since you dont make too many espresso based milk drinks, be warned though, upgraditis is an aggressive disease around here and you maybe left wanting more, like a HX or dual boiler i did

        Best bet is send a bulk email to the sponsors on the left by emailing, all of them will receive the email and the applicable ones will contact you with ideas and deals, i got my gear on an amazing deal, the sponsors here are gold, they will offer endless advice without expecting a sale, Ive seen time and time again, someone buys a machine from one sponsor, they come back to the forum for advice on using it, and another sponsor will be giving helpful advice! and they didnt even get the sale! Im pretty sure its one of Andys prerequisites in being a sponsor 8-) great customer service! ps im not a sponsor ;D



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          Re: looking to upgrade - any suggestions please

          A short list for you

          Bezzera Galatea or BZ07
          VBM Domobar super or junior
          Rocket PP




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            Re: looking to upgrade - any suggestions please

            Morning Ken

            Recieved your e-mail this morning and have replied to it also sent a PM.

            Congratulations on your decision to persue coffee nirvana at home!

            Supreme Roasters
            (07) 3801 8989
            0410 292 962