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I am looking for a new coffee machine

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  • I am looking for a new coffee machine

    My previous coffee machine a Saeco coffee royale has just died after 5 years of service and over 6000 coffees...
    I am now investigating different machines, I am looking at a manual Bezerra, would appreciate any suggesetions or recommendations for a new purchase my budget is to $3000, hopeful of getting a machine and a grinder for that price.
    Ana :-/

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    Re: I am looking for a new coffee machine

    Bezzera will last 20 + years with regular care & service

    You can get a new Bezzera BZ 99 HX + Grinder within your budget

    BZ 07 has more chrome and bling but a little more expensive



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      Re: I am looking for a new coffee machine

      You can buy a La Scala Butterfly lever (maybe even the next model up, the Eroica) and a nice grinder for the money you have to spend. Have a look at my review if you havent already. I also have some more info published on the web about the amazing Butterfly, how to set it up and some tips on how to make really fabulous coffee with it. Just Google "La Scala Butterfly" if you are interested.

      Good luck and welcome from an ex-newbie, now a green bean :


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        Re: I am looking for a new coffee machine

        Hi Ana and welcome to CS!

        Rather than recommend just one machine because I have one, Id suggest that you use the email site sponsors button <<<<<<<<<<< with your brief and location.

        Sponsors will then reply with some suggestions for you. Ideally, call or drop into a local sponsor for a chat...

        There are a variety of machine/grinder combinations from lots of brands: Diadema, Expobar, Rocket, Vibiemme and Bezzera to name a few popularo ones- all which will fit into your budget. There are also some not so good brands which are poorly manufactured and/or perform poorly. A bargain might rapidly evaporate if the machine performs like a dog. My advice is not to limit yourself to one brand.

        Make sure you consider pre-delivery bench test, aftersales service and warranty as well.

        Wed be happy to assist with advice regardless of where you ultimately purchase. My job is to tell you what I dislike about each machine on your shortlist to help you to choose the right one for you!



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          Re: I am looking for a new coffee machine

          Hi Ana
          as Chris has already said - its highly recommended to visit a sponsor and test drive the machines to find the one that suits you best. Be aware that many of the sponsors put time and effort into setting up the machine to perform well for you and the difference this can make shouldnt be underestimated.



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            Re: I am looking for a new coffee machine

            Im back into the coffee again after a break. I had a problem with my Bezzera BZ40P but fixed it with help from Jack at Barazi.

            I think any decent machine will suit you. I love the 40P was I get good service from Barazi and I think what kills machines off in the long run is probably no spare parts. My machine is 13 years old and still going strong and the spare parts for Bezzera machines are reasonably priced.

            The 40P would do you by the way but I think theyre about $3000 on their own but have a 3.4L boiler, two elements (1350W each) and a rotary pump.

            I have mine plumbed in with a two filter setup, the first for sediment and the second is a carbon/polyphosphate water softening filter.



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              Re: I am looking for a new coffee machine

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