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Finally I have done it....

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  • Finally I have done it....

    I have placed an order for a new GPP and a Macap M4 with Roger at Supreme Roasters  

    Roger has been very patient with me and provided excellent advice and great value for money.

    I now have to wait for the new bling to be shipped to Townsville

    The only clues I have to using this level of equipment is what  have gleaned from this site and youtube. So I guess it will be a very steep learning curve with lots of bad shots and lots of phone calls to Roger.

    Any one prepared to offer advice to a complete novice with new equipment?

    I will post photos when the bling is setup, as is the custom on CS.


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    Re: Finally I have done it....

    Hi Keef and congratulations on your new investment - it will certainly give you hours of fun (and frustration!)

    I too have recently purchased a GPP and have found it to be surprisingly easy to use.  I previously had a Miss Silvia and she was very touchy [smiley=laugh.gif] however the GPP can tolerate a bit of latitude in dosing, tamping variances etc  [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    My advice is to read as much as you can here and on other sites but you will find there are contradictions to every subject so form your own opinions and practice.  What works for you and what tastes great in the cup is all that matters.

    I am still trying to master the latte art although I find Im getting better - probably cause I am producing so many more coffees at the moment whilst the novelty of the new bling is high

    Enjoy your new bling, you wont regret it!



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      Re: Finally I have done it....

      Hi Keef

      We are moving to Townsville on the 6th of January. I will be more than happy to show you the ropes on your new machine



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        Re: Finally I have done it....

        Thanx for the advice Gavin, Im doing plenty of reading.

        Gavin I may very well need your help, thank you for the offer.

        Keef ;o)


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          Re: Finally I have done it....

          Whoo ooo!

          I have had these beauties for a week now  :
          I am very impressed, even my wife thinks the GPP is a thing of beauty.

          My story so far.

          I arrived home to find my beans and extra goodies sitting on the front door step in the afternoon sun.
          Plus a noted from the delivery guys saying they had a shipment for me.

          I got my machine the next day.

          Following the instructions I set the machine up, ground some beans and pulled my very first espresso.
          It poured out of the group faster than if Id upturned a bucket of water.
          I ground finer and choked the machine. Hmmmmm.....

          Anyway after a few hours and about a kilo good beans I wasnt getting anywhere.
          At about midnight I emailed Roger (I was bouncing around the ceiling high on caffeine). To my surprise I got an instant reply. I think the bloke works 24hrs a day fuelled on espresso. We arranged a telephone conference for the next day.
          Roger very patiently talked and explained my way through grinding, dosing and tamping and the pour.
          The man has the patience of a saint!

          I managed to get an appro 25s pour but with very early blonding.
          Roger suggested the afternoon sun may have something to do with that.
          I bought some fresh beans (7 days old) and I have to say the difference was outstanding.
          Without changing the grind and trying to dose and tamp as consistently as possible the pours went from 25s and about 10ml of mustard coloued creme
          (sunburnt beans) to 25s and 40ml of milk chocolate coloured creme (fresh beans).

          Roger, I think the Townsville sun must have brought on the 4th or 5th crack in your beans  
          Im not wasting them though. Even if they are past their best they are good to practice with and they still taste better than the crap I was drinking before.

          As it stands now, Im getting reasonable/drinkable shots and am practising milk texturing which varies from jug to jug.
          My coffees are a long way from the best (what ever that is) and it is a long road from here to there but I know one thing for sure Im really going to enjoy the journey.

          Roger thank you very much for your help and guidance. You have my unreserved recommendation.

          Here is a picture of the kids.....  8-)


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            Re: Finally I have done it....

            Now all you need to finnish off the package is a SS cordless telephone...

            Nice setup Keef!

            Now i want a new shinny toy too, I hope Andy gets those Behmors soon...


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              Re: Finally I have done it....

              Sweet setup keef, may all your shots be good ones!!!


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                Re: Finally I have done it....

                Congrats keef!, good to see the phones there to call for help! lol

                Im sure youll have a ball with it!



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                  Re: Finally I have done it....

                  Thanks so much for the kind words Keef. It truely is a pleasure dealing with you and Ali. Trying to make time on the agenda to visit Townsville in the next 3-6 months... can only hope!

                  Really do feel free to contact me anytime via e-mail or phone as the service doesnt end once you have the machine. Lets keep getting your skill up there till you have people a suburb over talking about the coffee at yours!

                  Calls wont be answered after 9 but we both know I reply to e-mails much laterrrrrrr haha ;D

                  Happy brewing and thanks!


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                    Re: Finally I have done it....

                    Originally posted by 484647464D46230 link=1262335683/4#4 date=1263880598
                    Whoo ooo!

                    Here is a picture of the kids.....  8-)

                    It appears we have something in common.   Ive been coffee snobbing in Townsville for a little while now. Let me know if you need any help.


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                      Re: Finally I have done it....

                      Its like a Giotto fellowship in NQ  

                      Your new toys look great Keefy, but that of course is a heavily biased opinion....

                      Feel free to bounce any questions off me as well but from experience Roger will sort you as he did I.
                      What is it with all you richie richs and granite bench tops!