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Ponte Vecchio Lusso Club Spring Lever espresso machine

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  • Thanks Moonshine.

    Do the machines come with an Australian power plug or do you need a convertor ?

    Edit: Should have read the product description..."Australian plug on request"


    • Hi Sully

      Looks like you got it before the link was removed .. which is good.

      If you've got any questions .. post here or PM me and I'll be glad to help out.

      I would have purchased mine locally from Jack at Sorrentina .. only he's been tied up recently and they aren't currently available in Australia, unfortunately.
      Jack started this thread and is a really helpful top notch bloke.

      I asked for the Australian plug .. and they also included the converter plug in the box. The machine is very well packaged and sits on a small wooden pallet.

      There have been some internal heat issues with these machines so I chose to insulate the boiler and pipes with Insulbrite from Spotlight as a precautionary measure.


      • Mine ended up costing me AU$950 and that was for the 1 group .. and not the 2 group costed above. It was 660 Euro

        When you do the shipping quote .. you choose the destination .. and then the site automatically takes off the EU 20% VAT on the Order form at checkout


        • For those who were interested in long term user report I have had mine for about 2 1/2 years now. I did do the insulbrite insulation of the boiler and it does improve the boiler efficiency slightly.
          It gets used most days at least once, I have replaced the seals twice now (which is a normal service on these). No unexpected 'problems' in that time.
          It still makes great espresso, is relatively easy to get consistently good shots, and can steam milk easily for one or two drinks at a time.
          The single basket is a useful size and will make a good small shot for those who want it. The double baskets also useful size and make good longer shots.
          The hot water outlet could be better as it does tend to spit and spurt a bit.
          I have used it to cater for an event on one occasion, it went non stop till boiler level was too low, (auto cut out works), small wait till I refilled and reheated, then carried on for about half the second boiler fill.
          I still like the silent operation. The two group functionality is good for parties etc, you just alternate groups.


          • Hi Bullitt

            Appreciate that.

            I'm wondering whether .. as an ongoing preventative/maintenance measure .. it would be a good idea to open it up and lube the seals in-between changes, which appears, in your case .. around the 12 month mark .. e.g. I'm thinking - every 6 months? When you changed them .. were the seals dry, cracked or worn .. and look like they were overdue for a lube? Any other bits that could have done with a bit of grease .. e.g., spring?
            Just wondering whether a whole year is a bit much to ask .. considering the heat and expected smooth motion of the lever.

            What are your thoughts on this?


            • Hello moonshine,

              Firstly apologies for the late reply. No 12 months is not too long for the seals. Some machines apparently can work for up to 2 years on a set of seals. I don't think opening it up and trying to re-lube the seals would help. What tends to happen is the lever will slip back up cos the seals are bypassing instead of holding pressure, it will start off as occasional issue and gradually get worse, typically one group will be more likely to slip than the other in the early stages. Trying to re-lube the seals could actually make it more likely to happen earlier.
              When I have changed to seals they look quite OK visually, don't appear to be dry, were not cracked or broken, they don't look worn but it wouldn't take much wear to potentially affect the performance, and I haven't bothered to try and measure them.
              Hope that is of some help.


              • Thanks for the reply Bullitt

                No worries with the delay .. as the query is well in advance of anything needing to be done.
                Handy to know the state of the seals looked ok , not dry or cracked when you took it apart.

                Thanks again for that B



                • Well, add me to the club boys

                  Click image for larger version

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                  Thanks to Ash for the machine (and Moonshine for the good lead!).

                  I've only pulled two shots and can already see this is the beginning of a long love affair.


                  • Good to hear wild harvest.. I only just tuned in here.

                    Hadn't been able to extract from ash whether he still had the Lusso up for sale or whether he decided to keep it? I guess this has been sorted.

                    I'm loving mine .. and the whole lever thing. Only got it 3 months ago, along with the Compak grinder .. and it's amazing how much better the coffees are.
                    Took me a little over 2 months to get the hang of it to the point of achieving some consistency with the quality in the cup .. and has been an interesting journey trying to figure it all out with trial & error.. not that i'm not expecting hitches down the road to keep me on my toes.

                    Congrats on being a Lusso/lever member .. and look forward to updates on how it is going.



                    • Hi Moonshine, wild harvest does indeed have my old lusso I hope he's enjoying as much as I did.


                      • Hi guys,

                        My brand new PV Lusso 2 was delivered yesterday afternoon and i'm loving it. I sold my VBM Jnr late last year and had been drinking pour overs ever since...needless to say I'm a tad over caffeinated from all the coffees I have been making since it arrived.

                        I turned the pressure down slightly to 1.1 and may even drop it a tad further. When flushing the group without the portafilter I noticed that the water seems to spirt all over the place, is this normal ? The water coming from the group of my old E61 used to just drip out slowly.

                        I've also put in an order for a Pullman tamper to replace the stock one.

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                        • I just set up my new PV Lusso 1. Looking forward to the Lever machine experience ...


                          • I haven't gotten too far. My machine had the pressure set at .5 bar, and the espresso was barely drinkable. I haven't figured out how to remove the case so I can adjust the pressurestat.


                            • Hey rgrosz,

                              Page 3 of this thread has instructions with pictures on how to remove the case and adjust the pressure. When actually taking off the case, don't force it just wiggle it and it should come off. Adjusting the pressure is a matter of trial and error, half a turn roughly equals about .1 bar

                              I have mine set to about 1bar which works for me. The coffee is great but the only problem is my wife isn't strong enough to pull the levers so I have to make all the coffee's in the house now.




                              • Hey guys, is there anywhere in Australia to purchase a 2 group Lusso? If not where are you getting them from?