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Rancilio Epoca automatic, should I get one

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  • Rancilio Epoca automatic, should I get one

    Im new to the forum, but not espresso machines. I was considering getting a used Raniclio Epoca. One of the main concerns is how much plastic its made out of. Has anybody seen the inside of one of these, if so does it have a mteal chassis and the plastic is just cosmetic cladding ? Id hate in 10 years the pastic goes brittle and things start to break or crack.

    Also I used to have an S27, and the temperature used to be a problem, purging, heating, flushing .... for 1 cup ......should I be holding out for an E61 type machine instead, I belive the epoca still has the group head bolted to the boiler for heat stability.

    Currently living with my sunbean dual thermo block, makes great coffee, if you put enough coffee in.

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    Re: Rancilio Epoca automatic, should I get one

    Ive seen the inside of a fair few. The basic chassis consists of the plastic base section, which forms the drip tray. Affixed to that is a lightweight frame made of a loop of thin steel tubing at each side and a couple of lightweight crossbraces. If it was me Id much rather seek out an older S or L series Rancilio, as Id be a bit worried about how well the plastic base will hold up in the long term. Never seen one with cracked or brittle plastic, but then they havent been around long enough for the plastic to have a chance to age badly yet. Internally the boiler/group head layout is basically the same as an S27.
    I have seen a lot of other older machines with structural plastic components that havent fared well with age though (some Brugnetti machines, for example).