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  • Diadema Junior Extra Q&A

    My coffeesnob roadmap so far: Gaggia Classic-> Silvia PID-> Diadema Junior Extra

    The DJE is fun to use, HX is much more convenient and all you need is just letting it boil and its ready to brew.

    My problems/question for the machine so far:

    1) Im consistently getting a channeling hole around the center, sometimes slightly off center. Every puck I got out everyday contains it.

    2) (This could be due to poor dosing and tamping*) Sometimes the puck is scratched only on 1 side of face of the puck while locking in the PF.

    3) Couldnt get the steam tip off for cleaning....

    4) The whole machine gets very hot and even the On/Off switch is burning hot when I want to switch the machine off.

    5) Not machine related but my milk always seem to have a very milk-cream (Not that pleasant) smell and taste after foaming. Is my fridge dying or?

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    Re: Diadema Junior Extra Q&A

    in regards to 1), try grinding a bit coarser and dosing more


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      Re: Diadema Junior Extra Q&A

      Good morning Hide and welcome to the Diadema / BFC  Junior EXTRA fraternity. Lovely machine, I just recently sold another of my ex "cupping lab" models (as in used by me to cup and judge coffees at the roaster) to a lucky Canberra client.

      Regarding your questions:
      1 & 2) As per Mischa (thanks M  )

      3) I never remove the tip unless there is a problem with it. There wont be a problem with it if you always give it a quick spurt of cleansing steam after youve textured your milk. Then just wipe off the outside of pipe and nozzle with a damp soft cloth. If you want to remove, the first time is always the hardest as the tips are loktited on during production.

      4) as will all metal bodied machines left on for a while especially for extended periods. You manage as you wish 

      5) If the steam and hot water (from the hot water pipe rather than the group) are clean and smell reasonably neutral, afraid it is something to do with the milk. Note the character you are experiencing could be from milk that has been allowed to "warm" slightly from refrigeration temperature before being refrigerated again. That can happen during the delivery from milk truck to the shop (as in left on the back dock for a while before taking in to a fridge), or if you have left it out of the fridge for a period at home, Or as you said, if your fridge is running a little warmer than required.   

      Note you cant help getting a kind of strange "sweet" character in the steam and hot water which is the same as the character you will get from hot water coming out of your hot water system. Its basically HWS "effect".

      Enjoy this great machine.
      very first CS site sposnor


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        Re: Diadema Junior Extra Q&A

        Thank you Attilio and Mischa!

        4) is just to make sure that the heat is normal and not killing the switches etc (dont want this machine to die at all!!)

        Other than that i should again figure out my dosage and technique


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          Re: Diadema Junior Extra Q&A

          Hey hide,

          I just use a small splash of this is in my milk jug with water every 2 weeks. Then rinse with a jug of clean water.


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            Re: Diadema Junior Extra Q&A

            Hello InTheCup,

            we are a tad "old fashioned" in this regard and dont recommend steam pipes be treated or soaked with anything let alone any kind of "cleaners"....unless the parts to be soaked are disassembled and off the machine.

            The product shown is for use with automatic milk frothers which are a different animal all together.

            Proper use / management of the steam pipe renders the "cleaning" of the inside of the steam pipe and nozzle, superfluous, and only if the steam started to smell, or the flow was obstructed, would we look at taking any action further than simply squirting steam before and after use of the steam pipe.

            Hope that helps.



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              Re: Diadema Junior Extra Q&A

              Just to add my experience with mine.

              I dont get any channeling. I found if I overfilled the basket the shower screen disturbs the surface and anything more than around 18g beans will do this. I use about 16g beans and find that to be the perfect amount.

              My switches get quite warm but not burning hot, and they can be turned on/off no problem without burning myself, and Im pretty confident they will stand up to those temps. Very easily/cheaply replaced if they fail after a few years anyway!

              No weird smells from my milk wand/hot water - suggest checking your fridge temp, could be the cause as you said.

              Re: steam wand I just wipe it off then blast some steam through it and consider it clean.


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                Re: Diadema Junior Extra Q&A

                Is it even possible to create quality foam with the machine? (say cafe quality soft foam)

                Im still getting crazy bubble, changing milk brand also doesnt help. (Ive also decrease the fridge temp, milk as it-is is better than before now)

                The foam still have the weird milky taste, is it because its still not up to temperature, or too hot?

                Ive tackled the dosage problem but all it left with is still milk frothing....  :-/


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                  Re: Diadema Junior Extra Q&A

                  Yes its possible, but I get it right maybe one in 3 goes. You have to be very careful with the angle the wand is on and how close to the surface you bring it, and given the power of the twin nozzle you need to get into texturing the milk right away before it heats up.


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                    Re: Diadema Junior Extra Q&A

                    Hi guys my Giotto has two holes and I find the following technique works well.

                    I rest the wand in the spout and slight lean the jug downwards towards me so that Im resting the back of the tip into the milk so that the surface of the milk is touching the top backside of the tip and just covering the holes and 3/4 of the bottom of the tip.

                    I stretch until I feel the jug is warm and the milk has risen say 1cm in level and then put the tip slightly deeper say until the entire bottom of th tip is covered if you imagined this somewhat less than horizontally.

                    P.s obviously start this with the tip submerged and then perform the technique


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                      Re: Diadema Junior Extra Q&A

                      I always found the DJE to be exceptionally easy to use re: stretching/texturing milk and I have stroke related dexterity issues in both my arms and hands.... It is also superbly quick.

                      The method described by "ITC" above is a goodn and if you do a search through the "Milk Froth and Bubbles" section, there are some other excellent methods described - One by Koffee Kosmo comes to mind..... 8-)



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                        Re: Diadema Junior Extra Q&A

                        Alright thanks for the tip Ill have to give that a go. I was using the tip up against the side wall and its hard to be consistent that way, especially since I only make one coffee a day. Hope it still works in small jugs!