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Advice BZ02DE Overpressure (steam venting at 2bar)

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  • Advice BZ02DE Overpressure (steam venting at 2bar)

    Today my beloved machine (a 2004 BZ02) started throwing a tantrum

    After startup, warmup, a few cups and 25 minutes sitting happily at 1.2bar steam pressure, it decided to climb to 2bar, at which point the pressure relief on the boiler vented the excess (in spectacular style). The boiler pressure buildup and vent process continued on cycles of around 1 minute until I switched it off. Cool down and tested again and the process repeated.

    I am reasonably handy, and was wondering if anyone had a similar experience with a similar HX machine or a fix (apart from take it to a reputal service agent).

    Thanks in advance Snobbers.

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    Re: Advice BZ02DE Overpressure (steam venting at 2bar)

    Hi Dazza Vp;

    looks to me that your pressure switch is not sending the signal to the heating element to stop heating.

    I will start by checking that other wise your tek needs to check your control board.


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      Re: Advice BZ02DE Overpressure (steam venting at 2bar)

      Cheers Renzo,

      thanks for pointing me in the right direction(gave me the confidence to have a crack)


      I removed and inspected the pressure switch assembly,

      I think the clumsy owner (me) managed to get the switch electrics wet by spilling water during filling.

      A good dry out in the Perth Sunshine, a reassemble, an hour heatup and it is not showing the problems of yesterday , Yippee.