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  • GIOVE II Review

    Had my machine for a couple of weeks now and have been asked by a CSer for a review of this machine.

    As this is my first pointy end machine, I can only compare it to my previous machine which was a Rancilio  Silvia, which I modded with an Auberins PID.

    The specs can be found on the 9Bar Espresso site and I believe Talk_Coffee now sell them as well.  There is one error in the PDF brochure and that is both boilers have a 1300w element.

    The brew boiler element has two stages,  the economy switch selects between using one or both parts of the element.  This is so the machine can sit in a standby mode where everything is good to go but it uses less electricity.

    On switch on, the red power light comes on and the boilers fill with water when the sensor determines that the level is low.  The machine has a small in tank resin water softener already fitted, I had already bought an inline filter from Bombora, I suppose that the water cant be too soft, can it?

    Adjusting the PID is a bit fiddly at first, but with practice it becomes easier.  Ive so far only used the PID to increase the steam pressure in the boiler by increasing the steam temp to 123 degrees.  The top left gauge shows steam pressure, the top right gauge shows brew pressure.

    The users manual is a bit woeful, it is the single boiler manual and has an extra bit added about changing PID settings.

    After the boilers fill, the PID display will alternate between the brew boiler and the steam boiler temperatures, however, at this time, only the brew boiler is heating up, this is shown by the little red dot showing after the brew temperature numbers.

    When the brew temperature hits the selected temperature (T1 on the PID menu), the red dot will flash on and off to show that it is just maintaining that temperature and the steam boiler will begin to heat.  This is indicated by the big green light coming on and on reaching the set steam temperature (PID setting T2) will flash to indicate that it is maintaining mode.

    Throughout all stages of operation, the PID display will alternate between brew and steam boiler temperatures.

    I ordered a Compak K3 Push to go with this machine and it works really well, (once I cleaned all the gunk off the burrs, they have only just started to ship them with this protective grease on in the last few batches.)

    After watching Scottie Callaghans video on grinding, dosing and tamping, I was ready for the off.

    On the second attempt, I got an extraction that was better than anything I had managed on the Silvia in over two years.  It was about 30secs for 60ml, the brew pressure sat on 9 Bar (sorry Breville 900 owners.)

    I only meant to taste it for further grind adjustment, but I ended up drinking the whole lot as an espresso, I only usually drink lattes, but this was so good and soo sweet that I scoffed the lot without sugar.

    I can consistently pull good shots with this machine, the only thing I have yet to master is the two hole steam tip.  I think this is due to user error and not a problem with the machine, the sweet spot is very small and although I have made progress past the soapy water stage, I still have a long way to go to get consistency in the micro foam.

    Build quality is good, it is a very, very shiny toy and Im very happy with it.

    9Bar were great with superb customer service.

    Sorry for the long post, but as the manual is very sparse, I thought Id better cover some of the stuff Ive had to work out for myself.

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    Re: GIOVE II Review

    Great review, thanks! How long does it take to get both boilers up to pressure & temp, ready to use?


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      Re: GIOVE II Review

      I reckon that it is good to go after 30 mins, the boilers are at temp after 10 minutes, but allow another 20 for the group and PF to heat up.


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        Re: GIOVE II Review

        Yes T2, great review and it sounds like an awesome machine that will find its way to many CSers homes



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          Re: GIOVE II Review

          Thanks T2 for the review and heads up with the manual. Im in the process of saving coins and I really want a unit that I dont need to upgrade within the next 5-7yrs. I enjoy my short macchiato, the wife her latte... Im also wanting a unit with PID to experiment with and think the DB is the option. How is the space between the head and drip tray? Any issue with cups that wont fit under it?


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            Re: GIOVE II Review


            I use a medium sized Keepcup for the drive into work and it fits under group head with loads of room, but I use a naked PF.  It also fits under the supplied double spout with a bit of manouevring.

            I can also use standard sized mugs with the naked PF, not sure about the two spout.

            It has more room under the group than the Rancilio Silvia.

            When I bought it, 9Bar had a naked PF included in the deal.


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              Re: GIOVE II Review

              Nice review tiddler2. I look forward to seeing one in the metal soon when 9Bar open their Adelaide store.

              I hope someone will be in the position to do a side-by-side comparison with similar machines e.g. Giove DB v. Minore IV v. Diadema Jr DB v. Duetto II.

              If any sponsors out there want to loan me these machines and maybe a couple of Robur-es I would be happy to do a review at no cost :P