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  • What could be wrong ?

    Hi everyone

    well i just upgraded :-/ to a single group Boema machine, believe it is a 2006 model & it has not had a lot of use overall & has not been used for 2 yrs.

    Anyway i sat it on the kitchen bench much to the annoyance of swmbo (apparently its ugly) & put the hose into a bucket of water & turned it on.
    The steam pressure gauge went up to 150 then the red light above it turned off, seemed good so far
    i hit the orange shot switch & hot water came out the group head just as it should ( i think )

    I next tried the steam wand and the hot water outlet but neither of these will work >
    turning either of these results in nothing at all happening, not a sound...
    what could be wrong ?
    any ideas or suggestions on what it could be would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: What could be wrong ?

    maybe a silly question, but how far did you turn them? These valves can often have a few turns of play before they actually open.


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      Re: What could be wrong ?

      Ah yes, proves there is no such thing as a silly question ;D you are spot on. and now i feel rather silly :-[

      thank you very much, machine now seems to work perfectly.
      water even came out looking clear after sitting for 2 yrs